BALTIMORE, Md., Aug. 17 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Are you concerned about the environment, but tired of traditional composting methods? Fear not. Less Work Gardening Inc. announces a new product that allows residential gardeners to speed up the composting process while actually spending less time doing it.

The Compost BagMade in the U.S., these Compost Comfort® Compost Bags promote quicker composting through air and moisture – the keys to composting – and makes aeration as easy as 1-2-3. The fabric is air permeable and also allows water in when needed.

“We created the Compost Comfort Compost Bags out of necessity,” Nelson Wong, president Less Work Gardening Inc., explains. “We wanted to compost, but found turning the pile to be difficult and heavy work. We tried garbage bags punched with holes; they easily fell apart. The unsatisfactory experience led us to find a more permanent solution that was more environmentally-friendly and cost effective.”

As Wong experimented with the bags, he made a wonderful discovery. It turned out that the spaces and crevices between the bags created a damp, well-aerated environment that practically eliminated the need for turning.

Wong adds that, “This could be the greatest discovery since the father of composting, Sir Albert Howard, introduced modern composting to the world.”

Constructed with Coolaroo® outdoor fabric – initially designed for Australia’s harsh climate – this fabric is UV-stabilized and offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability. Bags are also double stitched with a long-lasting thread designed for marine and outdoor use.

And, with these lightweight bags, there is no longer the need to turn the compost pile over – toss that shovel and wheelbarrow aside. All materials are neatly contained and bags can even be piled on top of one another and simply covered with a tarp and left to “cook.”

A master gardener from Ann Arbor, MI reports that after six months of testing them out, she loves these bags.

“They are so easy and clean to use; they’re a major addition to the world of composting,” she says. “They are practical for apartment dwellers and home owners. And, even full of the mixture, I can easily move them about and toss them over to keep the compost ‘cooking.’ They have no smell and they’re so portable; I have them in several locations around my yard.”

The Compost Comfort® Compost Bags come in two sizes to fit different needs. The medium-sized one holds nine gallons and fits into most commercial bins, tumblers and kitchen containers. The large size holds 18 gallons and is for larger containment needs.

If the bag is going to be used as a compost-storage bag, the medium size is recommended because the large bag can get heavy. However, if used as a composting bag, the large bag will weigh less since it will be filled with a mix of green and brown material; when the compost is finished, the bulk will be approximately half the initial amount. The medium bag, being half the capacity, will weigh even less. It all depends on specific composting needs.

The compost bags come with a 10-year warranty against UV-deterioration, but Wong adds that, “The bags will actually last must longer than that, so we will not realize much income from replacement bags.”

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