CEDAR PARK, Texas, Sept. 28 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ASAME Technology LLC today announces the addition of online demonstrations for its digital camera-based strain measurement systems – ASAME (Automated Strain Analysis and Measurement Environment) Target Model; and GPA (Grid Pattern Analyzer) 100 Model.

The demonstrations provide step-by-step overviews of how the software and hardware work together to obtain strain data over areas of deformed sheet metal or plastic parts where a pattern of known-size squares or circles has been applied to the part surface prior to deformation.

The ASAME Target Model demonstration instructs on how the digital photography equipment is set up for image calibration and capture; how images are transferred and processed using the ASAME software; and how strain and geometry data are calculated and displayed for an area of squares or circles on the part surface.

The GPA-100 Model demonstration instructs on how the GPA camera unit is assembled, calibrated, and positioned on the part surface for image capture. It also reveals how images are processed with the software to obtain the major and minor strain for a single circle or square on the part surface.

In addition to the ASAME and GPA system demos, a demonstration of the extensive display and analysis features for each model is also available.

The ASAME Display Software demonstration illustrates features only available for the ASAME display software versus the GPA display software. These include 3-D strain contours, strain directions, point cloud displays and other options requiring the availability of 3-D data with correspondence to the strain data.

For the GPA Display Software demonstration, the following features, also available in the ASAME Display Software, are illustrated: major and minor strain graphing options, Forming Limit Diagram (FLD), part designations, text annotation, information text and definition of variables.

About ASAME Technology LLC

Founded in 2005, ASAME sells, maintains, and supports ASAME and GPA systems under an exclusive license agreement with the technology rights’ owner. Since 2005, its customer base has increased appreciably. Currently, systems are installed in the U.S., France, Sweden, China, Turkey, and Brazil. New and longtime customers include: SSAB, Alcan Engineered Products, ArcelorMittal, Alcoa, Fiat, Westinghouse, Baosteel, Johnson Controls and AK Steel.

MORE INFORMATION: For additional information, visit: www.asametech.com.

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