EUGENE, Ore., March 9 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Noble Vision Group, LLC, a research and development organization today announced reports of favorable results for the topical dye formulation, Fluramene™, among leading eye care professionals.

Dr. Paul S. Koch, M.D. commented, “Fluramene has been the single most effective and efficient drop I’ve used to evaluate the surface of the eye, and it had become my routine when I evaluated a patient for a refractive or a premium IOL. It has now become my routine for all patients. Fluramene allows me to diagnose ocular surface disorders easier and earlier, so I can institute therapy before the conditions progress too far.”

Fluramene™, the proprietary Fluorescein Sodium and Lissamine Green dye combination is a sterile solution packaged in a 15mL bottle with a control tip dropper. The benefits of both dyes have been studied comprehensively and are well reported as diagnostic tools used independent of each other. More recent reports indicate that Fluorescein alone is not adequate for detecting cellular damage of the conjunctiva, though sufficient for assessing tear meniscus and break-up time. The addition of Lissamine Green provides the clinician with a tool to simultaneously evaluate the conjunctiva and the cornea for ocular surface disorders, without requiring additional drops or dye strips.

Dr. Mitchell Jackson, M.D. remarks, “Fluramene aids in the preoperative and postoperative periods for detecting corneal and/or conjunctival staining suggestive of dry eye and poor tear film stability leading to poor preoperative image taking needed for IOL calculations and enhanced visual fluctuations postoperatively. Strips are now a thing of the past in my practice and a single drop of Fluramene makes patient flow and chair time that much faster without compromising diagnostic capability. By optimizing the ocular surface, treating residual refractive errors such as astigmatism will be that much more accurate making for a happy premium IOL outcome.”

Patrick H. Witham, Noble Vision Group, LLC President stated, “Fluramene is a product derived from great collaboration among a team of highly respected physicians and surgeons within the eye care industry. It is deeply gratifying to know that just a single drop can provide the practitioner with so much information about their patient.”

About Noble Vision Group, LLC:
Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Noble Vision Group, LLC, a Paragon Bioteck, Inc. company, is a research and development organization that was established in 2008 geared toward the development of niche medical products for the eye care community.

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