ATLANTA, Ga., April 15 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — April 13th marked the anniversary of Narconon Georgia as it embarked on its 10th year of handling drug addiction and creating drug-free lives and working to create drug free communities. Narconon Georgia is a non-profit drug abuse rehabilitation program founded and incorporated in the State of Georgia on April 13th, 2001. Since that time it has assisted 600 individuals in becoming drug-free through the Narconon program, a drug rehabilitation program which handles both the physical and mental aspects of drug addiction.

In addition to handling drug addiction by creating drug-free individuals through the Narconon program they also have delivered drug education to 3,000 inmates in Georgia and other states that have Narconon graduates.

Thousands of children in the Atlanta area have benefited from Narconon Georgia’s drug prevention and education lectures in area schools. These drug education lectures have statistically been proven by independent studies to reduce the risk of teen drug use. View PDF:

Using the powerful information contained in Narconon Drug Prevention lectures, Narconon Georgia has empowered over 2,000 school children with the knowledge, at their understanding level, of what drugs do to the body and the truth about drugs so these children are not just blindly saying no to drugs but know what it is they are saying no to and why. This then makes it the child’s informed choice not to do drugs and so they are far less likely to turn to drugs as a solution in the future.

Narconon Georgia has also filled the airwaves with over 50,000 radio plays as well as being featured in countless publications and even TV spots with their drug prevention messages to let it be known that a drug-free and productive life is available for anyone who wishes to reach for it.

In 1971 Atlanta became recognized as an international city with the establishment of Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport. This image was furthered by the 1996 Olympic Games held in Atlanta. Atlanta’s international connections have presented some rare opportunities for Narconon Georgia and they were able to take their drug prevention and education message to Honduras orphans. By educating government officials, ministers and scores of law enforcement personnel on the dangers of glue sniffing, 60 Honduras orphans were kept off the streets and through Narconon Georgia’s remarkable sauna program given a new drug-free beginning — free from the toxic effects of glue, which would have at best turned these children onto a life of crime.

Narconon Georgia’s message is universal: you can live a productive, happy life without the use of drugs and alcohol. Through drug prevention lectures and their effective drug rehabilitation program they have been a vital asset to our community.

If you would like to request a drug education lecture for your school or business or know of someone who needs help in solving addiction contact Narconon Georgia at 877-413-3073.

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