LAS VEGAS, Nev., April 23 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — From the Interop Business Technology Expo, Telezygology Inc. (TZ) today announces the TZ Centurion™ system has joined the TZ Praetorian™ system to address the increasing demand for permissions-based physical security, environmental sensing, and audit-trail capabilities at the cabinet and individual object level. TZ’s patented and network addressable electronic sensor locks allow industry leading scalability to reduce overall system cost and retrofit into a wide range of cabinet systems.

Where TZ Praetorian™ is designed to extend existing enterprise access control systems, TZ Centurion™ targets those customers who desire a stand-alone solution to remotely manage their discrete cabinet monitoring needs at multiple sites.

The TZ Centurion system is a cost effective, flexible and scalable stand-alone electronic locking, environmental monitoring and audit trail system designed to meet the regulatory and industry compliance needs of IT, healthcare, retail and educational environments.

“Over a million and a half customer IDs were physically stolen from within the walls of healthcare, enterprise and higher education institutions in January of this year alone,” noted John Freese of TZ. “Numbers like that have driven standards like PCI-DSS and the recent access control changes to HIPAA regulations. The TZ Centurion system will help data center and facilities managers achieve compliance while only allowing access to those who should have it.”

Flexibility and scalability are primary benefits of the TZ Centurion™ system. The TZ CloudBridge™ is the core of the system and acts as an Ethernet router to the TZ device subnet. An intuitive embedded web interface is used to setup, configure and manage the TZ Centurion™ system. By configuring SNMP with a 3rd party network management system, multiple TZ CloudBridge™ units may be aggregated and managed together as a single holistic system. The TZ CloudBridge™ communicates with and powers our intelligent locks, industry standard card readers, and sensors up to 100m away over standard CAT5e/6 UTP cable.

TZ offers several intelligent locking mechanism options in order to best fit the cabinet or enclosure that must be secured. The TZ SlideHandle™ is a drop-in replacement for existing “swing handle” locks on a wide variety of popular data center cabinets. The TZ Radial™ lock is designed to meet the specific needs of securing furniture cabinetry in offices, nurse’s stations, high school chemistry labs, retail display cases and the like. The TZ SlideHandle™ and TZ Radial™ intelligent locks provide electronically actuated physical security and management at the cabinet door level, while the optional temperature, humidity and liquid sensors add environmental monitoring detail.

“TZ Centurion is the latest addition to our TZ MicroSecurity solutions,” says VP of Sales and Marketing, Jason Schickerling. “Rather than locking the door to a room, the TZ Centurion system provides physical security and audit trails down to the cabinets, drawers or even devices within that room; securing the most valuable, dangerous or sensitive data and items within your facility.”

See TZ Centurion™ and TZ Praetorian™ systems at the Anixter booth (1009) at Interop Las Vegas, April 25 – 29, 2010.

About TZ Inc.:
TZ is the inventor of intelligent fastening and actuation technologies that in combination with software and networking devices provide a platform on which to create compelling security, locking, monitoring and control applications across a number of market segments including Data Centers, Security, Marine, Home and Aerospace. TZ headquarters are in Chicago, Illinois, with a global presence throughout the U.S., Europe and Australia where it is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX: TZL).

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