LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 7 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Many music publishing companies feature multiple genres but John Scott G of Golosio Publishing (www.golosio.com) is enjoying something unique: a song he co-wrote is on the new Merle Haggard album at the same time his groove-electronica songs are appearing on the new Jonny Harmonic album.

“I Am What I Am” (Vanguard Records) by Merle Haggard debuted at number 18 on the Billboard Country Albums chart with the song “Bad Actor” written by Merle Haggard, Doug Colosio, John Scott G, and Scott Joss. “Bad Actor” is garnering high praise from reviewers around the world.

“One of the best songs Hag’s sung in ages,” says Hot Country Radio Network. “The most intriguing new song on Merle Haggard’s new album,” says Michael McCall of the Associated Press. “Holds a mirror to Buck Owens’ classic ‘Act Naturally,'” says John Taylor in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. “Haggard channels Shakespeare,” says Alex Shoaf in American Songwriter.

Meanwhile, Jonny Harmonic is busy performing John Scott G’s compositions on the new album, “We All Love Bright Shiny Things,” available on iTunes. “The two styles of music on these albums could not be more different,” notes G, “but a compelling tune and emotional lyrics transcend any barriers of genre.”

Does he see any differences between the two artists? “Merle Haggard is a genius and one of the most important figures in modern song craft. Harmonic is a colleague but Haggard is an inspiration.”

This week, Mr. G was elected to the Board of the California Copyright Conference. Membership of the CCC includes music publishers, songwriters and attorneys, as well as representatives from PROs, motion pictures, television, multimedia, Internet, and record companies. “This is an organization dedicated to protecting intellectual property,” G states, “so being a part of it is an honor.”

About Golosio Publishing:
Golosio Music Publishing creates and licenses music for motion pictures, television, radio/TV commercials, and other formats. Music from Golosio has appeared in commercials for Verizon, Goodrich, Micron, Auto Club, and many others. “I want to see our songwriters earn a living from their songs,” G says. “If that means contacting every music supervisor, creating music videos for every song, and releasing albums ourselves, as we have done with James Sotelo, Jonny Harmonic, and the new Scott Joss & Doug Colosio album, then those are my goals.”

For information on Golosio: www.golosio.com.

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