BOGOTA, Colombia, May 10 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Web 2.0 Victory Team set up by presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos, has recently been attacked through various online media. These attacks have ranged from fake profiles or groups on Twitter and Facebook, to misleading or abusive comments on blogs. In response, the Web 2.0 Victory Team, led by Santiago Valencia, has created the “Wall of Shame.”

Valencia states, “With one out of four Colombians on Facebook and nearly half the population online, we had to figure out a way to fight these accusations.”

The team will use Web 2.0 behavior with Colombian citizens to help the campaign find and report abuse. A Web site has been set up to help individuals that have found abusive content to register and upload the material and make it available online.

Valencia notes, “We understand that many citizens are passionate about the upcoming elections, but death threats to citizens and other candidates, along with other offensive content, is not the proper way to reach out to patriotic Colombians.”

The campaign hopes that these efforts will help point out the misleading information. Traditionally, many campaigns do not want to drive traffic to negative advertising. However, the Santos campaign feels that highlighting these misleading facts will help in bringing justice to the electoral process.

The new page launched on Monday, May 10th, signaling another initiative brought from the Santos campaign. The campaign was also the first to launch a video announcement with the candidate addressing voters online and the first to use live streaming and mobile messaging to mobilize support from the ground up.

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