CABO SAN LUCAS, Mexico, May 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Picante Sportfishing, a proud Corporate Sponsor of the International Game Fish Association, would like to announce that the 2010 IGFA Offshore World Championship, often considered the “Olympics” of big-game fishing, is taking place this week in Cabo San Lucas Mexico.

The international teams have qualified by winning one of the over 110 IGFA sponsored events and were then invited to participate in this, the most prestigious blue-water sport-fishing event in the world.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the “marlin capital of the world” is where the best big game anglers head each May to compete in the IGFA Offshore World Championship.

After the end of fishing on Day two, the top 3 teams overall were Lyford Cay Offshore Tournament, with 1026.80 points, and IGFA OWC 2009 Champions, with 996.60 points and Harbourside Rotary Tuna, with 900 points. Fishing in Cabo San Lucas is amazing. Besides the 25 Striped Marlin there were a large number of Wahoo caught with a total of 14 weighed. The overall hook-up conversion rate was 69.44%.

Congratulations to the Picante Charter Fleet for having 6 in the top 10 captains.
The following is the list of the top 10 Captains/Boats:

1 Alfredo Ruiz		19 Toy		992.40 	Picante Fleet
2 Emiliano Arenas Picante 45 900.00 Picante Fleet
3 Lupe Gomez Zenteno Cabolero 640.30
4 David Lieras Picante 600.00 Picante Fleet
5 Gilberto Burgoin Vaquero 600.00
6 Jose Nuñez Cisco 600.00 Picante Fleet
7 Daniel Carrera Picante Pride 364.80 Picante Fleet
8 Gilberto Castro Karma 347.50 Picante Fleet
9 David Zarate Pura Vida 340.60
10 Fidencio Barrera Piscado III 334.40.

Tune in tomorrow to see how it all goes. And check out the IGFA Tournament web site at for all the winners then pick a team and root for them.

Picante has been in the winner’s circle many times in its 16 years history of charters and competitions. You can obtain more information about Picante at

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