ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 14 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ASE Optics, an optical engineering services firm that provides high tech companies with outsourced optical design expertise and short-run lens assemblies, is expanding their unique Discovery Service to reach companies worldwide. ASE’s Discovery Service includes 20 hours of focused optical engineering for a discounted cost of $1750.

Developed as an integrated tool to put “stuck” projects back on track fast, the service blends optics expertise, engineering skill and production savvy to:
* Rapidly determine feasibility, difficulty or cost for new designs.
* Better define a problem within a larger program context.
* Troubleshoot a practical solution for a tightly-defined problem.

“In the two years we’ve offered our Discovery Service in-house, it has paid off for our customers many times over,” says Chris Cotton, ASE President. “We’ve been able to break down barriers that can cause costly delays; streamline designs to eliminate steps and rework; and bring better products to market faster.”

Representative projects include:
* Analyze tolerance of an ultra-fast laser system.
* Investigate LED spot-light instrument homogenization techniques.
* Analyze opto-mechanical tolerance for a high-resolution fluorescence imaging lens.
* Analyze laser-based sheet illumination and imaging system for zero-gravity turbulence studies.
* Develop optical specs for a medical fluorescence imaging system.
* Develop low-stress assembly technique for a polarization imaging system.
* Design linear lenslet array for controlled image diffusion.
* Develop sampling techniques for scanning optical metrology systems.
* Develop procedures for a precision optical element alignment station.
* Design IR imaging lens.
* Investigate novel imaging lens systems for horizon imaging.

To take advantage of ASE’s unique Discovery Service visit and upload your information, or contact Chris Cotton directly, at 585-303-1574.

About ASE Optics:
ASE Optics was founded in 1994 to provide optical engineering support for companies who couldn’t find, couldn’t afford, or couldn’t justify having an optical engineer on staff. ASE Optics “sees beyond the lens,” providing elegant optical designs that work within the system, maintaining integrity and seamlessly integrating for optimal system performance. Our optical engineers’ expertise is both deep and broad, crossing industries from security and defense to consumer electronics to medical devices.

Visit to learn more.

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