CHICAGO, Ill., June 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — KnowledgeAdvisors, the world’s largest provider of learning and talent measurement solutions, today announced it has released a brand new research report analyzing the effect of managers upon the development of their talent pool. The research conducted by KnowledgeAdvisors (John Mattox, Director of Research) was based upon substantial data collected across diverse industries in an effort to gain a comprehensive representation of the present condition of manager engagement.

As a result, readers will have their principal queries resolved in terms of whether managers are actively engaged, are contributing toward training effectiveness and enhancing the productivity of direct reports. Furthermore, the paper offers valuable recommendations pertaining to actions organizations can implement to optimize manager support.

Among the key findings were that 76% of the 107 unique organizations which responded indicated that training is a chief organizational technique for honing employee performance. Moreover, the scrap rate was 50% or higher among more than three quarters of all companies.

Additionally, only 21% of the organizations suggested that learners were assessed before training “most of the time or “all of the time” to establish if they were the right person to attend or at the right time. In contrast, 79% assessed learners “some of the time” or “not at all.” With regard to a manager’s role when selecting training, 40% of survey respondents revealed that managers guided their employees to training opportunities while 25% claimed managers required that training be a part of a larger development plan.

When respondents were posed with the question, “What percentage of managers within your organization formally met with employees to set expectations for the training before approving learning?” 75% stated that expectation setting meetings occurred 25% of the time or less. Merely 9% asserted that managers met with learners more than 75% of the time.

With reference to measurement tools, 60% of organizations controlled manager support by utilizing end of program surveys sent to learners and another 44% of organizations disseminated employee follow up evaluations to learners. Three tools used by organizations to encourage manager and employee relations are survey tools (50%), pre and post-training job aides (35%) and goal setting tools (30%).

In summation, despite the significance of training with respect to employee and executive success, organizations express that less than 10% of training is applied positively most of the time pointing towards a severe lack of manager support training across widespread organizations.

“A manager controls the lever which essentially impacts the status of individual employee performance. Thus this research is of supreme importance because it clarifies that without opportune support delivered by managers, lowered employee performance and consequential inferior organizational effectiveness symbolize points of no return,” stated Kent Barnett, CEO of KnowledgeAdvisors.

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