SAN DIEGO, Calif., June 23 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Del Mar DataTrac®, Inc. (DMD), the leading provider of affordable end-to-end mortgage lending automation solutions and an industry pioneer in business intelligence, document imaging and management, and loan process workflow tools unveiled its DataTrac 9.3 Product Suite to more than 100 mortgage bankers and vendor partners at its annual client conference in Las Vegas. The new release became officially available on June 21, 2010.

Highlights of the DataTrac 9.3 Product Suite improvements include additional underwriting capabilities for FHA and VA loans, enhancing DataTrac’s closing functions with extended data sets for doc prep vendors, adding investor electronic loan delivery interfaces from DataTrac Electronic Document Management (EDM) to CitiMortgage, Chase, GMAC, Wells Fargo, and FHA, and streamlines the administration for the DataTrac Originator point-of-sale (POS) client. DataTrac 9.3 resolves over 140 client requests.

“When a mortgage banker takes two days to attend a vendor’s offsite meeting, they expect to receive value, and we do everything possible to exceed their expectations,” said DMD president Rob Katz. “This year’s DMD client conference was not only a chance to show off the new DataTrac 9.3, but also a forum for sharing mortgage banking best practices that will shape our future product enhancements.”

In addition to taking an early look at the new release, DMD mortgage banker clients contributed to a product development roadmap that highlighted a new DataTrac Web solution set for release later this year.

“Get a roomful of DataTrac mortgage bankers together with a roomful of DataTrac client service and product development experts and the takeaways are invaluable,” said DMD vice president for client services Sue Sroka. “DataTrac customers have always played a critical role in the ongoing process of adapting DMD’s end-to-end functionality to meet the demands of an evolving mortgage marketplace.”

“DMD’s conference provided a clear roadmap for what users should expect. We were given the opportunity to demo pre-release software, provide feedback and make requests for future additions,” said 360 Mortgage Group COO Andrew Weissmalik. “DMD revealed the future look of DataTrac Web and it is a revolutionary advance. DMD took the time to address every single section of their software with the attendees. We were given the opportunity to view upcoming changes to each department section and provide constructive feedback on what we would like in the future.”

About Del Mar DataTrac (DMD):
Founded in 1991, Del Mar DataTrac is the leading provider of affordable end-to-end loan automation solutions for mortgage lenders, banks, and credit unions. DMD offers a scalable workflow platform that enables lending best practices by leveraging DataTrac as the back-office hub along with a sophisticated point-of-sale system, a Web-based originator portal and commission engine, and a management dashboard – all in a paperless environment.

The DataTrac Suite is designed by mortgage lenders for mortgage lenders who strive to deliver extraordinary customer service, increase production and profitability, reduce risk, and streamline overall efficiency. For more information, visit

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