WINTERVILLE, N.C., Sept. 13 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — One man has a vision: his name is Leroy Daniels. That vision is to build a Recreational Center in Winterville, North Carolina that focuses on children; children that need guidance and good role models to help them stay on the right track to finish school, stay active, and prosper into health adults. is a recently created Web site intended to serve as the online resource for the Recreational Center for Winterville, North Carolina. Founded by Mr. Daniels, his Web site sets out to highlight the importance of sports for children and teenagers of all ages. The sports highlighted on Winterville Recreational Center are tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, football, swimming, running, and volleyball.

As a health aware and active individual, Mr. Daniels speaks about the importance of recreational activities for today’s youth. “Staying active and involved in sports and other supervised recreational activities promotes growth and discovery among our youth of modern day. Times change and keeping kids active and healthy is a wise choice, as their mentors and parents, to help them stay in school and on the right track. Children and teens want to find things they are good at – they need to. All the while they learn about good sportsmanship, trust, teamwork, respect, and social interaction. All in all, it helps prepare them for adulthood.”

The Web site aims to guide its visitors to the realization of the importance of recreational activities for today’s youth. Leroy Daniels can be contacted about his online domain,, via this Web site. He is on a mission to make the Winterville Recreational Center a reality, as soon as possible.

Organization Overview: Recreational activities for children are important in so many ways, and there are recreational activities of all sorts, to suit any child or teenager! These fun activities can help them to gain self confidence while doing something they enjoy. It can also lead them on the path to a bright future! At the Winterville Recreational Center, children can have a better shot at a successful future!

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