TULSA, Okla., Oct. 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dylan Woods owns and operates the new website, RealNerdsReelMovies.com. It serves as an online community where people seeking movie insights can go to find answers, and to learn about the many different genres of movies and film of the past and present. His website says that every movie lover knows a great movie when they see one. For those movie nerds who watch so many movies, some of them actually evolve into movie critics – every movie nerd’s dream come true.

“My passion is classic movies, especially good horror films that will live on forever,” says Woods.

RealNerdsReelMovies.com is soon to be a socially interactive website intended to serve as an online movie critiquing source and forum, providing old and current movie insights where anyone can become a member. As the domain name implies, Dylan Woods is a self proclaimed “movie nerd,” who is also very fond of movie trivia games, such as the well known “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.”

Woods says that his website sets out to highlight all genres of film, such as horror, romance, foreign, comedy, drama, tragedy, fighting, etc. “My movie critiques and recaps will provide a fun source of entertainment here that every movie nerd like me will hopefully appreciate.”

Woods asks, “What kind of movies do you enjoy – old or new?” He adds, “Discover a new kind of movie you never even knew existed by tuning into RealNerdsReelMovies.com. Everyone can enjoy an escape from reality through a great movie once in a while.”

Dylan Woods also has a sports website made just for those sports fans who love crazy news about athletes. This website can be found at www.sportsgonecrazy.com.

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