TACOMA, Wash., Oct. 12 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Donald Bayeur owns and operates the new website, AutomotiveExpos.com. It serves as an online auto expo site where people seeking automotive insights can go to find answers, and to learn about the many different classic cars of the past and present. His website says that visitors to his site will “learn and stay up to date with all kinds of cool automotive information, such as car auctions, classic cars, modern cars, sports cars, muscle cars, expensive cars, celebrity car auctions, upcoming cars, and much more.”

Bayeur says, “What guy doesn’t appreciate a classy car, either a classic car of the old days or new sports car of tomorrow? I think car lovers all over the world will enjoy this website, as it will also highlight car auctions and Automotive Expos, as the name implies.”

AutomotiveExpos.com is a website intended to serve as an online automotive information source providing old, current, and future automotive insights where anyone can leave feedback. As the domain name implies, Donald Bayeur is a self proclaimed “car lover,” who is also very fond of speed boats.

His other website, speedboatingexpo.com, does just what AutomotiveExpos.com sets out to do, aside from the fact that it presents speed boating information instead of automotive information. Bayeur says that his websites will hopefully appeal to all car lovers and speed boat enthusiasts.

Bayeur asks, “Who doesn’t love a nice, classy car or powerful speed boat? They both offer fun in the sun!” Bayeur personally owns a 1968 Ford Falcon, but loves his fun times on a fast speed boat. He adds, “Discover a new passion in life through AutomotiveExpos.com and SpeedBoatingExpo.com.”

Bayeur also hopes that his website visitors will leave valid feedback and offer suggestions for new article ideas if they want to know or find out more about anything in particular.


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Donald Bayeur

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