NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 20 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With the last month’s latest report of unemployment stagnant at 9.6 percent, many are coping with being unemployed. SET, a leader in personal marketing that assists executives and professionals in finding a job, developed a 10-point list of common pitfalls those seeking employment can avoid to stay in the game. “When you’re between jobs you have the extra time you need to run a truly aggressive search,” Robert J. Gerberg Jr., CEO of SET, said. “Being unemployed means you have the time to do it right.”

The 10 pitfalls are:
1) Turning down your first offer. Even if it is not everything you hoped for, if it offers challenge and growth opportunities, it should be given careful consideration.

2) Not being skeptical. This is a reverse of the last point. If a position is obviously not right for you, if it presents little challenge, allows limited personal growth, then say, “no thank you.”

3) Being unwilling to relocate. Sometimes, it’s better to go where new firms and industries are. While it is difficult to leave good friends behind, most people can adjust far better than they realize.

4) Not accepting introductions. Most people want to help friends. It makes people feel good to know they’ve done something to support your efforts.

5) Feeling sorry for yourself. It is a normal reaction, but who is being hurt by these emotions? The answer is the person being hurt is you.

6) Holding out for unrealistic income. Consider a two-step move. Get to work in a new environment and keep your resume in circulation.

7) Not considering a career change. If your present occupation or industry is on the decline, get into an area where opportunities are growing and build a successful career.

8) Allowing your health to slip. Attitude and physical fitness go hand in hand. When you are able to plan your time freely, it’s actually easier to devote more time to fitness.

9) Displaying a bad mood. There are many outlets for stress, including exercise. Besides, a bad mood will alienate those trying to help you.

10) Allowing financial pressure to cause inertia. Financial pressures are often the toughest to withstand. Don’t be afraid to borrow or take part-time or temporary work, rather than succumb to inertia.

SET has created a free 25-minute video giving people a tour of today’s job market and providing tips on how to compete more effectively. It covers how the market really works, new resume styles that are producing outstanding results, where the public and private openings can be quickly found and ways for accessing the leads and contacts you need over the Internet.

To view this tour, visit:

For additional information email or call Peter Bennett at 866-664-7256.

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