SUMMERLAND, Calif., Oct. 20 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Healthy skin radiates a beautiful, natural glow. Skincare expert Danny Neifert, owner of the Skin Sanctuary of Taos and two-time winner of “the Best of Taos” brings her luxury, results-driven treatments to the west coast this fall by opening a private practice at LASH Day Spa, located at 2173 Ortega Hill Rd. in Summerland, California.

Her innovative, ultra-indulgent services offer clients an opportunity to transform the texture, lift, and glow of their skin by nourishing it on a profound, previously inaccessible level.

One of Neifert’s non-invasive skincare modalities, called Dermal Remodeling, delivers potent natural nutrients to the dermal mattress, a service that increases the skin’s robustness, inspires the production of new cells, and encourages the network of capillaries to oxygenate the surrounding tissue.

This strategy is especially effective in the revitalization of skin affected by sun damage, acne, rosacea, and general dullness. The results of this dermal nourishment are a refreshed appearance and lit-from-within luminosity.

For many years skin experts have been increasing cell turnover by administering controlled wounds to the skin via chemical peels, lasers, and microdermabrasion. Though an immediate retexturing takes place, this treatment method weakens the epidermis and can cause disastrous long-term effects. In fact, skin that has been exposed to these procedures will age prematurely, becoming thin, weak, fragile, and prone to broken capillaries.

Experts agree that this damage-to-heal approach to skincare will soon be obsolete, for the effects of Dermal Remodeling are indisputably superior. By reinforcing the vigor and depth of the dermis this strategy ensures that the skin’s upper layers glow with increased vitality.

Danny Neifert is pleased to share her skin-nourishing techniques on the west coast as she helps clients reveal their own natural radiance. With eighteen years of experience, extensive certifications, and diplomas from the Academy of Aesthetic Arts in Kansas City and Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy, she represents the ultimate in skincare knowledge and practice.

LASH Day Spa, located at 2173 Ortega Hill Road in Summerland, California, is a small luxury skin care and nail services spa that provides customers with exceptional service and exclusive, ultra-indulgent pampering.

Danny Neifert can be reached at 575.770.4473 or visit

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