TULSA, Okla. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dylan Woods owns and operates the new website, SportsGoneCrazy.com. It serves as a professional athletic entertainment source, highlighting crazy sports news and athlete updates, whether they are in trouble again, or injured from a recent game or practice. His website focuses on pro football, pro baseball, pro basketball, and pro golf.

For those sports fans who want to stay up to date on crazy news in these professional sports, SportsGoneCrazy.com might be on your bookmark toolbar very soon. “Entertainment is what keeps the populous happy and content, so I want to give them what they want,” says Woods.

For those sports fans who love crazy news about athletes, this website is directed towards them; his website states, “Here you can take delight in crazy athletic entertainment and stay updated on the latest in Crazy Sports News.” Woods says he wants to highlight and keep fans in the know about athletes getting arrested, athletes going to jail, terrible calls by refs in games, trades to teams, athletes making comebacks, athletes and scandals, athletes on steroids, athletes’ affairs made public, suspensions and injuries, etc. Woods adds, “Any sports fan will appreciate what SportsGoneCrazy.com has to offer.”

Dylan Woods is a self proclaimed “sports fanatic” and “movie nerd” who seeks to fulfill the entertainment hunger. Woods says that as long as professional sports are alive and well, which they most definitely will be, SportGoneCrazy.com will stay updated and current with the best of the best news about Sports Gone Crazy.

His other website is RealNerdsReelMovies.com, a socially interactive website intended to serve as an online movie critiquing source and forum, providing old and current movie insights where anyone can become a member. For people who enjoy movies, old classics and current films, this website is for you.

Woods asks, “What kind of sport do you enjoy? Who is your favorite athlete?” He adds, “Get the scoop on them at www.SportsGoneCrazy.com and keep coming back for more.”

News issued by: Dylan Woods

Dylan Woods

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