CLAREMONT, Calif., Nov. 19 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Johannes Tuul is the owner and operator of the Web site, as well as a world renowned traveler, researcher, scientist, and physics professor. To get to know the owner of this child donations focused site a bit better, Johannes Tuul is a retired electrical engineering professor who taught in America, Asia, and Europe, is six sigma black belt certified, and has traveled to over 200 countries. He has witnessed first-hand the poor living conditions and suffering children in third world countries.

Mr. Tuul now focuses on giving back in the world, to poor, hungry, wasting, and starving children of India and Indonesia. He asks that anyone who can afford even a few cents a day, to give back so he can better provide for poor and starving children of these countries, saving lives one by one.

“Most people seem to think that someone else is going to take care of world hunger? Well, that someone else is you and me. Help starving children of the world however you can,” says Johannes Tuul.

Johannes does realize the valid hesitation to donate money to child helping organizations, because he knows some of them are scams. “I created because I am concerned with unsafe organizations that steal people’s money, so through my site, people can research who I am and what I stand for, in order to trust that I will do what is right with every donation.”

Johannes Tuul is providing an honest outlet to help save lives of children in Indonesia! The Web site will soon offer a PayPal account page, where anyone can donate any amount of money, small or large. He put his vision into action and is hoping that other people will have the same “giving back attitude” as he does. “It takes a truly good person to donate money, so those who do, good for them,” says Mr. Tuul. “Starving children of the world need America’s help,” he adds.

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Note: Donations may or may not be tax deductible in your locale; the Web site is not a 501(c)3 non-profit charity. Consult a tax expert regarding deductibility of any donations.

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