TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec, Feb. 3 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — A low estimate of the deaths in Canada due to drinking and driving is 1,162 for the year 2008. On top of that, about 149,028 people were injured because of drunk driving. An estimate of the claims for auto accidents in that same year was 1,751,100. All of the death and destruction caused as a result of alcohol and automobile combinations. “That does not even include the deaths due to domestic abuse, and other violent crimes resulting from alcohol consumption,” reports JF Dubreuil of Narconon Trois-Rivieres.

Automobiles and alcohol simply do not mesh. The combination is deadly. Narconon wants to help put a serious dent in the amount of deaths and injuries that result from drinking and driving. Many people who drink and drive are repeat offenders. They don’t learn their lesson and simply continue to put their own lives and the lives of others in danger by getting behind the wheel of a car. Too often, it is the innocent passenger, other driver or pedestrian who suffers the most.

The dangers are obvious. They are publicly available to anyone who will pay attention. People simply must learn to drink responsibly. Pub owners and patrons also often help by intervening when they see someone about to drive that has been drinking.

Taking away car keys is better than attending funerals. .

Drinking and driving is not new, nor are deaths and injuries resulting from it. However, the numbers do continue to rise every year. Poor judgment is a part of drinking alcohol which leads people to believe they are sober enough to drive.

M. Dubreuil also commented: “Narconon helps those who drink to take responsibility for their actions and acknowledge the danger they have posed. They help make the streets of Canada safer for all drivers, passengers and pedestrians.”

Alcohol kills in many ways, but drinking and driving affects far too many innocents. Babies are killed as a result, as are the elderly. No one is safe when there is a drunk driver on the roads. Narconon hopes to help reduce the number of funerals that are caused by drinking and driving.

For more information about the alcohol rehabilitation program offered at Narconon Trois-Rivieres call 1-877-782-7409. .

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