BARBADOS and SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 6, 2011 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — BioJet International Ltd. ( announced that it joins the worldwide Aviation Industry celebrating approval of bio-derived jet fuel for commercial use (ASTM International revised D7566). Concurrent with this approval, and to aid in development of the bio-aviation market, BioJet is releasing One Billion Gallons of Renewable Jet Fuel to long-term contracts.

This is a one time introductory offer made to the Commercial Aviation Industry on special pricing and terms. No deposit, take or pay contracts will be freely transferable and may be assigned or traded over the life of the contract provided that the financial capacity of the assignee is at least equal to that of the original Purchaser.

Pricing will be fixed at US$2.97 per gallon. Alternatively, the buyer may elect to index at par with petroleum jet fuel with a US$3.50 cap and US$2.50 floor.

BioJet International, Ltd. is a leading international supply chain integrator for renewable (bio) jet fuel and related products for the aviation and transportation industries that include renewable (“green”) diesel, feedstock oil, and feedstock co-products.

BioJet operates throughout the entire biofuel value chain and engages feedstock generation, technology, refining, logistics, sustainability certification, distribution, and eventual end use by the aviation and transportation sector user.

In February 2011 BioJet received a US$1.2 Billion funding facility from Equity Partners Fund. The facility is the cornerstone of BioJet’s US$6+ Billion supply chain capital projects program over the next 10 years which includes feedstock and refining projects, as well as investment and strategic acquisitions.

This offer is made possible because BioJet, through its subsidiaries, owns and controls multiple, very large biofuels feedstock projects around the world. This unique position provides BioJet with the ability to control its internal allocation of resources for a significant cost control advantage while other companies are subject to severe fluctuations in cost and availability of feedstock.

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