CHICAGO, Ill., Aug. 17, 2011 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — KnowledgeAdvisors, which provides learning measurement software that improves the effectiveness and business impact of learning, today announced that it has designed three performance measurement solutions specifically targeting leadership, sales and on-boarding training programs to provide clients with the reporting and analytics required to accelerate performance improvement.

KnowledgeAdvisors will aid your organization with the following to achieve your leadership, sales and on-boarding measurement milestones:
– Data collection instruments specifically designed to evaluate and assess leadership, sales training and new hire on-boarding programs
– A powerful analytics software application that includes benchmarks across these solution categories
– Comprehensive reporting including dashboards, scorecards, statements, and executive reports designed specifically for leadership, sales training and on-boarding programs
– Access to measurement, analytics and reporting experts who assist in architecting and implementing your measurement solution.

KnowledgeAdvisors will provide the following measurement takeaways because we understand the importance of measuring these strategic programs:
– Quantified, timely feedback on program satisfaction and quality
– Timely indicators of effectiveness and impact
– Demonstrable data and accountability to showcase results to sponsors
– Useful, data-driven information to prioritize continuous improvements to the program in the form of a world-class measurement process and technology.

Organizations interested in further details can contact KnowledgeAdvisors and receive further information on these unique performance solutions at .

“As Peter Drucker says ‘We need to measure, not count.’ The need for measuring sales, leadership and on-boarding programs is paramount. For starters, they are strategic, visible and costly investments which are critical to creating a high performing workforce. Moreover, these are long-term investments that need continuous monitoring throughout their lifecycle. Finally, they need quantitative data to objectively validate investment levels,” said Rick Graves, Senior VP of Sales, KnowledgeAdvisors.

About KnowledgeAdvisors:
For organizations that utilize learning and development to drive business outcomes, KnowledgeAdvisors offers learning measurement software that improves the effectiveness and business impact of learning. Unlike the standard reporting and dashboard features included in most learning and talent management software, we combine data from multiple enterprise systems with information collected through evaluations and assessments to paint a complete picture of learning and business performance. KnowledgeAdvisors can even benchmark your learning programs against other organizations.

For more about KnowledgeAdvisors, visit: .

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