LOS ANGELES, Calif., Nov. 28, 2011 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Questing for Uberjoy” (ISBN 978-1-4620-2953-2), a stunning new novel by Konrad Ventana, provides a compelling Journey of Discovery for savvy postmodern readers, revealing vital facets of creativity and achievement through the transformative artistry of literary fiction. This much-anticipated new release has received both “Editor’s Choice” and “Rising Star” distinctions.

Completing the series of novels comprising Ventana’s award-winning Post-Lux Trilogy (after the light), “Questing for Uberjoy” delivers breathtaking Action-Adventure in a powerful and unforgettable novel. At once exotic, romantic, captivating, and thrilling in its world-shattering dimensions, this monumental work of high-drama is a priceless gem of a novel and a luminous triumph of contemporary fiction. By exploring and, indeed, exposing existential aspects of our allegorical “Inner Dark,” Ventana’s novels might well carry an FDA-warning label: Caution! Literary Fiction!! Lasting side-effects are likely!!!

Set in the outlandish war-ravaged kingdoms of Nepal and Tibet, “Questing for Uberjoy” is an elevating and life-affirming Journey of Discovery for men and women alike. The Quest comes alive with high-spirited characters, heart-wrenching romance, awe-inspiring scenery, and breath-taking action in a masterful and compelling saga of human aspiration, international intrigue, and high-altitude drama played out upon the “Rooftop of the World” in a bold and daring Special Operations rescue mission.

Excerpt from the Back Cover:
They called her “Uberjoy,” but her real name was Joycelyn Eberhard. She was a finalist in the Miss Teen Idaho beauty pageant, but now she’s gone missing — in China, no less. Her fiance, Orion, worried when she signed up for the Peace Corps, but he never expected something like this. Her disappearance is shattering to him, so he has no choice but to head overseas and search for the woman he loves. His search takes him to the remote Himalayan Mountains in Nepal and Tibet, where getting help from local authorities is not as easy as he would have hoped. He is forced to seek assistance elsewhere, from intrepid special operations mercenaries and unorthodox mountaineering guides. “Questing for Uberjoy” is a quest for love. It is also a quest for meaning, as Eastern culture surrounds heroic Orion and teaches him more about himself than any experience in America. One moment philosophical and the next filled with extreme danger, it is a story that could change your life and send you on your own heroic quest.

Konrad Ventana’s “Questing for Uberjoy” is a dazzling jewel of a novel — a personal treasure to have and to give. Now available as Hardcover, Softcover, and eBook versions from Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or your preferred bookseller: 978-1-4620-2953-2 (HC ISBN); 978-1-4620-2952-5 (SC ISBN).

About the Author:
Konrad Ventana (literally, Bold Counsel through a Window) is an American Author, Professor, Scientist, and Visionary who looks boldly behind the scenes at our modern times and examines the potential for future development. He currently lives in California. Website: http://www.konradventana.com .


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