LAGUNA BEACH, Calif., Jan. 24, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EnviroIngenuity today announced its vertical farming division, which is developing vertical farming processes in Southern California to enable individuals and communities to grow their own food in urban areas.

Dr. Dave Schemberger M.D., holistic healer and microgreens expert who helped shape a successful movement toward urban agriculture in Milwaukee with Will Allen’s Growing Power, has joined the team to consult on the development of high-yield vertical farming processes.

These processes produce pesticide-free produce in small spaces. This type of farming dramatically increases affordable access to locally grown, healthier produce, and virtually eliminates the need for transportation, cuts greenhouse gas emissions and reduces water, fertilizer and energy use more than 85 percent.

“Our existing system that distributes food over long distances demands a massive waste of limited resources. Growing food locally mitigates this waste,” said Erik Cutter, Managing Director of EnviroIngenuity. “Not only is excessive fuel consumption harmful to the environment, but by the time produce has reached the consumer, it has lost much of its nutritional value.”

Consuming locally grown produce provides numerous health benefits that can alleviate and eliminate chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

“Chronic illness is exacerbated by eating hollow food which has lost its nutritional value from spending too much time on a truck or grocery store shelf,” said Dr. Dave Schemberger. “We can prevent and reverse much of the disease found in our modern life by avoiding processed food and consuming more raw fruits and vegetables close to the time they are harvested.”

The new division’s goals includes developing coalition partners in designated food deserts as identified by First Lady Michelle Obama, and deploying vertical farms throughout Southern California to be used for education and creating jobs for urban teens, veterans and others.

“Our vision is a future where neighborhood farms support their local community with affordable, healthy organic produce. Through vertical farming, we can increase yields to achieve this result and strengthen our communities by making them more food and energy secure. We will also improve health and create jobs that cannot be outsourced,” said Cutter.

After practicing medicine under AMA guidelines for many years, Dr. Schemberger became an expert in utilizing a raw plant-based diet to heal the body and resist disease. An expert in growing food, composting, vermiculture and soil remediation, his experience includes helping individuals and communities to become self-sufficient through urban community farming.

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EnviroIngenuity was founded in 2009 by a group of forward-thinking professionals to take advantage of the growing demand for more efficient, cost effective sustainable energy solutions, employing solar PV, hi-efficiency LED lighting, green building and vertical food production technologies. We are all about “advancingreenergy” and reducing waste, thus better utilizing our limited natural resources. As businesses invest in a lower carbon future, our team is focused on helping these organizations move forward toward the deployment of sustainable energy solutions using disruptive technologies. Learn more at: .

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