NEW YORK, N.Y., Jan. 31, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — As part of Masterseek’s ongoing effort to increase the size of their database while improving functionality they have recently created and patented a unique search technology for their website (US Patent application 61592495). The new plug-in is expected to debut before the end of February, 2012.

Masterseek is the world’s largest B2B search engine, with over 100 million businesses in its database. The site offers users the ability to do a focused search for businesses in their area and abroad without the “clutter” associated with consumer-based search engines like Google. It also provides businesses opportunity to increase web presence with a searchable profile easily found online by their potential clients or potential business partners.

The search browser plug-in performs searches based on geo-location and allows direct search functions through three popular browsers. Upon entering a keyword into the internet browser application the search process is initiated. The server receives the request and searches Masterseek’s database for only relevant businesses given the criteria specified, returning the geo-specific results. Creators of the plug-in claim this search technology is more comprehensive, including businesses which other searches may discount while ensuring a higher level of relevance, eliminating those businesses more accurately which do not fit the proper criteria of the search.

“The technology is a step above pretty much any search engine’s ability to properly sort results we’ve ran across, and we are always researching what other search engines are doing right and what they are doing wrong,” said Rasmus Refer, CEO of “This is going to make searching for the right business on the user side a whole lot easier and much more accurate. Imagine if you are a business on one of the other popular search engines; how many business partners or potential clients are missing your site just because the search function is not as accurate as ours?”

Refer adds: “That we are continuing to make these kinds of drastic improvements to, even though we are already the top B2B search engine, really shows our commitment to users and to the businesses that make a profile within our database. I hope we will continue to see more success because of innovations like this-and I hope the businesses that join our database become more successful as well.”

About Masterseek Corporation:
Masterseek is a B2B search engine and the largest business database in the world, with over 101 million businesses listed from all around the world. Businesses can create a profile on free of charge and have full control over their business page. The web address is .

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