LUDWIGSBURG, Germany, Feb. 8, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Pintexx, an international company that focuses on sophisticated software solutions for the processing and optimizing of text, has announced today that it has released the Microsoft Add-In of the 4D Wording Optimizer.

Countless written communications are created without much thought because of deadlines and other pressures, even though most companies know that understandable, reader-friendly, and targeted communication is essential.

Customer-friendly letters and emails are a goal for most companies. Corporate language and communication have become extremely important in the marketplace. Companies today strive for customer friendly communication. The goal: Quality documents across the board. How can that be realized?

Legibility, standardization, diversity, and emotional content determine the success of written communication. Pintexx, a software publisher, has developed a unique Microsoft(R) Word Add-In that includes these four dimensions. The software is for all areas of communication and all sectors, including manufacturing, retail, schools and universities, insurance and finance, and government agencies.

The 4D Wording Optimizer informs the user about strengths and weaknesses of a particular text and evaluates the text according to the four quality dimensions. The software delivers suggestions and alternatives. Company requirements and standards for written communication can easily be included in the software and thereby implemented more effectively. A multitude of useful functions helps to write more effective and efficient communication. Clear visualizations provide information about repetitions, the use of passive words, long sentences, comprehension, and if the communication reaches the reader on his or her level, among other things.

Pintexx has been able to create a unique and helpful tool based on the proven standards of the Corporate Wording(R) strategy and the 4-Color approach, as certified by Hans-Peter Forster, founder of Corporate Wording(R) and expert for corporate communication. For that reason the 4D Wording Optimizer has received the “CW Inside” certificate.

Please visit our website – – for further evaluation of the 4D Wording Optimizer and our other state-of-the-art tools. You can download a trial of this tool and any of our other writing tools.

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