CINCINNATI, Ohio, Feb. 15, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Our Whole Life Is Our Whole Responsibility” (ISBN: 978-0-578-09-448-9), published by Life Energy Publishing, is a recently-launched book that inspires people to take control of their lives.

It is targeted to students, young adults and people of all ages whose lives are in an important stage of transition and encourages readers to choose, openly and proactively – to accept responsibility for every area of their lives through their decision making, actions and societal involvement.

“Our Whole Life Is Our Whole Responsibility” emphasizes to its readers that they need to make a strong commitment to examine and cultivate good character, responsible ethics and high integrity in order to make productive contributions to their lives.

Readers are also challenged to be open to expanding their knowledge base beyond what they “know” by adding to their own life experiences instead of blindly accepting untested and unexamined information that they receive each day.

For instance, in chapter 13, author Michael G. Kamau writes: “I have found that many people struggle to find their place in life because of a damaged sense of entitlement that was taught to them in the home while they were children.”

“This book teaches us that we must undergo a fundamental, paradigm shift in our thinking about our personal, family and human survival – we must be willing to accept full responsibility for every area of our lives and stop the blame,” says Michael G. Kamau, author.

“Our Whole Life is Our Whole Responsibility” demonstrates how people need to be the final authority when it comes to their health, wellness, education, spiritual empowerment, character development and career pioneering.

One reader reports, “This book takes away all excuses to improving our life. It is encouraging, entertaining and practical. I wish someone had taught me this information 20 years ago. I honestly believe that anyone can make their own life better at any age. This book gives lots of examples of that.”

The book is 217 pages and is available as a hard cover or e-book.

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About the Author:
Prior to writing “Our Whole Life is Our Whole responsibility,” Kamau labeled himself as a classic underachiever throughout his youth due to many of the topic areas that are addressed in his book.

Kamau has a BA in Journalism and Business Management from Central State University is a former tutor, life coach, mentor, college Instructor of Humanities, public speaker, seminar leader, guest columnist and current business owner in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

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Michael G. Kamau, of Life Energy Publishing, 513-290-3330,

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