HOUSTON, Texas, March 23, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — One of the many niches that developers at Softway Solutions pride themselves in being experts is the realm of mobile app development. Recently, Page Parkes – a client of Softway Solutions – was interviewed during the evening news by the ABC affiliate in Houston. Parkes is the co-founder of Page Parkes Corporation and is on a new show called Scouted on the E! channel. Parkes requested that Softway Solutions create a mobile scouting application so that people from around the country could scout the next great models, singers and actors without the need for them to meet an agent.

The application – which is currently only available to iPhone users – is called iScout.

This app, iScout, is giving thousands of people the chance to live out their dreams as the face of a company or as the next big star at a record label. When scouting, users of the application should take a picture of the potential model, actor, or singer – whether that be themselves or someone else. First, iScout users will have to create an account so they can submit these pictures. In addition, they should also consider submitting a video clip – for actors – or an audio clip – for vocalists and musicians.

For models and actors, the user will be asked for personal information such as the weight, height, and eye color. Shoe size should be included for a potential model. This will give agents the ability to determine if they like what they see, allowing them to decide whether they will offer the person a job. This information will also be required for applicants that are interested in becoming well-known singers. An audio clip or a video clip should be contributed as well, so agents on the other end know how talented the applicant truly is.

The employees with the Page Parkes Corporation are examining the submissions that come in on a daily basis. They are scouring the applicants, looking for that next, big star.

Softway Solutions is proud to be part of this process and is receiving the national attention for giving an application such as this to Apple iPhone users everywhere.

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