BOISE, Idaho, April 2, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — iBacklinkPRO announced this week the release of a new backlink analytics software tool that identifies quality backlinks. Currently, it has no serious competition in the marketplace.

Originally created for internal SEO services only, iBacklinkPRO’s goal was to not just see a huge listing of unsorted competitor backlinks, but to find and build high quality backlinks for its websites. It also wanted to eliminate time spent sifting through hundreds of useless backlinks just to find a quality one.

And, the cost can get very high just to get one quality backlink – often in excess of $200. With iBacklinkPRO, users can scan 15 of its competitors’ websites for only $9.99 (about .66 per scan).

“We decided to release it for public use because it is so effective, safe and affordable. When compared to other backlink software, users will find that the competition only finds backlinks to other websites, it does not analyze them to determine quality,” says Sergey Sagan, partner at iBacklinkPRO. “We not only gather them, we analyze them too.”

iBacklinkPRO finds, analyzes, filters and sorts up to 10,000 competitor backlinks in only a few minutes. These backlinks can then be sorted by specific metrics to match individual need.

How do they do it? iBacklinkPRO uses different metrics such as Alexa and Google PR so it is able to deliver the best backlink quality out there. There is no black hat trickery involved and all backlinks are completely natural; users will not experience any penalties.

A list of competitor keywords is quickly available at-a-glance. And, getting just a few high quality backlinks is better than getting thousands of low quality ones.

“With our premier software, users will quickly realize higher ranking among search engines,” adds Sagan.

And, in today’s competitive environment, everyone wants an edge. Getting the most important amount of data is vital to a business’s health.

Getting started is simple. After creating an account, users simply plug in their high ranking competitor’s URL into iBacklinkPRO and in a few minutes, they will be able to view analyzed results.

A free demo provides users with the first 100 links. The full version provides 10,000. To try it out visit: .

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