TROIS-RIVIERES, Quebec, April 10, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “The Narconon drug rehabilitation program is a voluntary, drug-free, social-education model,” says Andre Ahern, director of legal affairs at Narconon Trois-Rivieres. “‘Voluntary’ and ‘drug-free’ are key words,” he adds, “for the thousands of students accepted into the Narconon program around the world.”

Last December, Mrs. Yvonne Keller sent her son to enroll in the Narconon program ( Unfortunately, according to Ahern, he very soon manifested violent and irrational behavior demonstrating that he was not qualified to do the Narconon drug-free, educational model. In addition, he expressed heatedly that he himself had no desire to do the program. After six days of refusal to receive services, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, says Ahern, had no choice but to let him leave the facility. He was happy that he could leave, as was appropriate since he did not wish to be there of his own choice, and he was put on a bus home.

“We totally agree with the comments made by Mrs. Keller to CBC News,” said Ahern, regarding her dismay that she could find no public treatment available for her son and that lack of treatment beds has been a huge obstacle for years. “We sincerely hope that Mrs. Keller will find a suitable program that will be able to help her son,” says Ahern.

Narconon centers deliver a drug free program model that has saved tens of thousands of lives from people worldwide. Narconon drug rehab is licensed to use and delivers a secular program model, based on years of research by author and humanitarian, L. Ron Hubbard. Also known as the founder of Scientology, Mr. Hubbard had spent years looking into the effects of drugs on the mind and body when he responded in the late 1960s to a request for help from heroin addict William Benitez, who had just founded the Narconon program in Arizona State Prison, based on his own reading of Mr. Hubbard’s works.

“From the beginning,” says Ahern, “Bill Benitez said that this model of drug rehabilitation would be based on Hubbard’s concept of raising life skills and personal ability.” From this beginning, the secular Narconon program has expanded to be used by centers around the world (

“We have so many letters of thanks from parents or others about the recovery of a loved one,” says Ahern.

Quoting from just one letter sent to a Toronto newspaper just last week:

“My daughter lost her way while attending university in Toronto. She is beautiful, intelligent and very talented. A new love introduced her to cocaine and a nightmare was born.

“I was desperate to rescue my daughter and my Internet search led me to Narconon…

“For 4 months, I had support from the Narconon [Trois-Rivieres] staff and I was given as much information as I needed to calm my fears. I visited the center as often as I wanted…I knew she was getting tools for her to apply to her life and they would always stay with her…She was progressing, changing, and recovering.

“…I will always remain grateful to Narconon and their belief in aiding people to conquer their addiction. What a challenge! Today my daughter is clean and much better equipped to solve the ups and downs that life brings to us.

“Did Narconon save my daughter’s life? Of this, I have no doubt.”

— L.S., Kingston, Ontario.

David Love, who made numerous negative comments in the CBC interview with Mrs. Keller, was also a student at Narconon Trois-Rivieres for 5 months. Love has said publicly that he had been a drug addict for 35 years. While he was in the program, he wrote voluntarily a number of remarkable success stories about his wins and gains.

“It strikes me most strange,” says Ahern, “that Love is now attacking the very group that per his earlier statements saved his life. He changed his mind, apparently, after he began receiving payments from members of the Anonymous criminal network, dozens of whom have been arrested around the world recently. But what did David Love say when he was actually here, doing the program? Here is just one sample in Love’s own writing from 8 March, 2009.”

“Wow! This was a ‘Big One.’ Over the past 4 decades, I have been to several detox and rehab centers across Canada. I thought I was OK and ‘good to go’ but soon after leaving the centers, I was addicted again and in worse condition. I was lost, afraid, and expressed a lot of anger because of the pain. I felt that too much time has passed and perhaps I was ‘unfixable.’ In fact, half way through [this Narconon course], I discussed this with a Narconon staff member. I was assured that if I just followed the program and ‘let it happen’ that I was ‘fixable.’ This assurance helped a lot. Although I still had some reservations, I began to focus on where I was and what I was doing. You can only understand it once you do it… and it is amazing and incredible! This book has helped to change my life. Now I have a life. I am here and I am alive. I was fixable.”

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That, says Ahern, is the true product of Narconon – “Now I have a life. I am here and I am alive. I was fixable.”

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