ASHEVILLE, N.C., May 14, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Fine artist Cindy Walton is the recipient of two international award recognitions in the annual “All Women Art Competition,” by the Light Space and Time, an online art gallery. The awards confirm Walton’s prestige as an emergent artist of significance in the national and international arenas.

“Shallows 2” (2014, cold wax on panel) was granted fifth place in the painting category and eighth place overall in the April event, with organizers citing the exceptional skill and creativity of the winning artists.

The cold wax medium consists of a beeswax paste mixed with oil paints for a matte, layered texture. Walton’s mastery of the technique lends a distinctive voice to her artistic vision. Professional artists from across the United States flock to her workshops in Asheville and at the prestigious Ghost Ranch, N.M., where she has been an artist-in-residence since 2012.

Discerning collectors remain attracted to Walton’s deftly layered, color-driven paintings of emotion and light. Her work has previously compared favorably with that of renowned colorist Hans Hoffman in a 2011 Asheville Museum of Art exhibit.

Since 2011, she is a member of the juried National Association of Women Artists and a fellow in the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, with support from the Karen Shea Silverman Foundation Endowment, at the Creative Retreat, Mount San Angelo, Amherst, Va., since 2006.

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