FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 11, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports that U.S. ownership of RVs has reached record levels, but what if an RV traveler prefers to rent? Allstar Coaches says more and more people are choosing this route.

With more than 16,000 public and privately-owned campgrounds nationwide, RVers are roaming America’s roads for weekends, or months at a time. And, many are finding that they prefer to rent rather than own.

“Renting a luxury RV delivers an experience that ownership just cannot,” Rob Tischler, CEO of Allstar Coaches, says. “RV rentals take the worry, responsibility and expense out of the equation.”

When people rent a luxury RV, in addition to taking to the road carefree, they can also choose from an array of services such as private drivers, provisional services and more. So, how do RV renters sift through the choices to ensure they are getting just what they want and need?

Tischler says the most important thing to know is who you are renting your RV from. For example, are you renting from an RV rental dealer, private owner or online booking engine? He advises RV renters to stay away from third-party arrangements. Many online sites may claim to be RV rental specialists or outlets, however they are not the actual rental company or vendor that manages the RV rental fleet.

“Quality rental operators have access to nationwide mobile RV service networks which can be dispatched to any location with one call,” he says. “And, at Allstar we even assign every luxury RV rental a dedicated support technician and concierge for 24-hour access.”

Another important item to consider is location. Reputable RV rental companies will have centrally located pick-up and drop-off destinations that are in high traffic, easy-to access areas.

Finally, he says that it’s important to research types of RV rentals. Class C RVs are typically oversized, maintenance intensive and top heavy. Riding in a class C RV is often reported as “spongy.” Class A RVs are more similar to a bus and are specifically built to handle the weight. They are typically easier to drive, and the ride is smoother and more comfortable.

So, when it’s time to take the road, Tischler advises RVers to do their due diligence first. It will pay off on the road later.

About Allstar Coaches:

Founded in 2005, Allstar Coaches was created to fill a missing niche in the RV rental market – luxury recreational vehicle rentals. Strategic locations include: California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. Allstar’s luxury RV rentals may also be delivered to locations around the nation.

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