DARIEN, Conn., June 11, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Electric Compass, the leader in mobile enterprise GPS solutions, today announced the availability of its GPS tracker app for iPhones and iPads. Electric Compass Tracker is different from the many consumer-grade iPhone location tracking apps currently available because it offers a powerful suite of enterprise workforce tracking features.

Businesses can now track the GPS location of field workers using iPhones and iPads in real-time on the same proven Electric Compass Tracker platform that supports Android devices, Windows Mobile computers, BlackBerrys, installed vehicle trackers and asset tracking devices.

Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite tracking is proven to dramatically increase field worker productivity and decrease costs. Deploying GPS tracking will typically increase field workforce productivity by up to 12 percent while reducing fuel costs by up to 30 percent. Safety is greatly improved as speeding can be decreased by up to 95 percent.

The iPhone GPS tracking app available with Electric Compass Tracker allows managers and dispatchers to more effectively address field business issues including:
* Achieve complete visibility into field operations to increase productivity, improve safety and save costs.
* Find closest worker to a location to improve response to urgent events such as service calls or sales opportunities.
* Improve worker compliance with safety and track productivity with alerts for speeding, unauthorized travel, entering or leaving designated areas (geofences) and more.
* Gain insight into patterns of field activities with the ability to review full “breadcrumb” history for user location, travel and alerts generated.
* Improve business intelligence through a wide range of reports and schedule report subscriptions for automatic delivery by email.
* Organize field workers into tracking groups based on location and/or job function.
* Provide full security through role-based tracking dashboard login permissions.
* Have anywhere, anytime access to worker locations from the web and our smartphone “supervisor” app.
* Flexible GPS tracking for a diverse workforce using company-supplied smartphones , bring-your-own-device (BYOD) smartphones, mobile computers, vehicle “black box” trackers and asset tracking devices all on the same cloud-based tracking and reporting system.

“There are a bunch of consumer-grade iPhone tracker apps out there, but only Electric Compass Tracker offers full enterprise-grade iPhone GPS tracking,” said Michael Forbes, Managing Director of Electric Compass. “Businesses that want to gain more control over their field workforce, add more tasks per worker per day or cut unnecessary mileage using iPhones need to consider Electric Compass Tracker for its powerful tracking, alerting, history and reporting capabilities.”

For more information on Electric Compass Tracker, visit http://electriccompass.com/tracking/mobile-computer-tracking/.


Electric Compass ( http://www.electriccompass.com/ ) offers GPS services, software and hardware solutions for enterprises with field workforces. Electric Compass is focused on helping companies add GPS capabilities to their field mobility and fleet solutions though its innovative products. Founded in 2008 by mobile GPS veterans, Electric Compass understands the challenges of deploying a mobile computing solution and provides the expertise, experience and support to help companies profit from using GPS in the field. Electric Compass offers GPS tracking and navigation solutions for Android devices, iPhones, Windows Mobile computers, installed vehicle tracking devices and field asset trackers.

Europe, Middle East and Africa-based companies should contact sales@mobileworxs.com for information.

Integrators, VARs and mobile software companies are invited to join the Electric Compass EChannel partner program to offer Electric Compass products directly to their customers. Contact Electric Compass.

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