NEW YORK, N.Y., Aug. 10, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Listen to your favorite music and subliminally train your mind to become good at “picking up” every beautiful girl. Amazing Results, Inc. introduces the first subliminal programming and hypnosis smartwatch, now available on The patent-pending Pick Up Girls SmartWatch includes 32GB of memory so you can download and play your favorite music while it simultaneously plays subliminal messages that your ear cannot hear but your brain does. Your brain gets trained without any effort.

Remember the movie “The Matrix” where the hero instantly downloads martial arts skills? The future has arrived now with this smartwatch that teaches you the same way.

Art Glass, the NYC-based inventor, claims: “By repeated listening, a guy will let go of shyness, release tension and feel confident with women. This is the first smartwatch to claim you will meet more girls and have more relationships or hook-ups.” Nerds and techies: no time to develop social skills? Not anymore.

The Pick Up Girls Smartwatch advanced features include: built-in phone, 32GB of memory, compatible with iPhone and Android, 7 day battery life, Wi-Fi, FM radio, and Bluetooth.

“The World’s Best Pick Up Line” is built into the watch. Use the flower watchface and say to a girl: “I got these flowers for you.” Every girl loves to get flowers.

“We built a camera in the watchface so you can take a girl’s picture and say: ‘Give me your cell number, I’ll send your picture to you,'” says Glass.

Clinical studies have proven that subliminal messages and hypnosis for self-improvement works (New York University and University College, London along with articles in the Scientific American and the Mayo Clinic).

The watch comes with free specially engineered earphones which Glass had to invent to have the subliminal messages delivered.

Included is a gift of a 1 oz. silver plated coin saying: “I Am Lucky with the Ladies.”

The Pick Up Girls SmartWatch is the world’s most advanced “pick-up machine.”

Available only at Indiegogo for $199:

VIDEO (NSFW/mature language):


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