DENVER, Colo., Oct. 29, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Stop leg cramps (LC) and Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) instantly, naturally – awake or asleep and even before they start! These remedies, now offered online by American Leg Cramp Society as Deveraux Thomas Techniques (DDT), and available at have a patent pending.

Life-long discomfort caused by leg cramps, “charley horses,” and RLS type symptoms have made ALCS founder Deveraux Thomas a leading researcher of current remedies.

“Sports related leg cramps may be coming to an end,” explains Thomas. “An athlete can be at the peak of performance with the best of medical and nutritional care. Yet, when leg cramps strike, a player can lose all strength in the affected leg and fall withering in pain and confusion, normally carried from the game, not to return. Painful discomfort can last for days.”

Now, special self administrated procedures, along the lines of CPR and Heimlich maneuver, can deliver quick relief from leg cramps, while at the same time lessening the occurrence of cramping.

Thomas adds. “Often after learning these new procedures, a person can avoid LCs before they even start-awake or asleep. In addition, when DTTs are used, a player can, usually, return to the game-no worse for wear. This is truly a revolution in leg cramp relief.”

Thomas’s findings are summarized in a report being made available through the website of the American Leg Cramp Society. Copyrighted as Deveraux Thomas Techniques, this 34 page, illustrated instruction booklet includes these well established procedures and can help prevent leg cramps; or quickly stop them once they start.

The website, is offering a lifetime-of-support membership and all future e-newsletters highlighting medical updates for only $19.95. The booklet comes with it. You can download and be prepared for the next attack.

Thomas notes that millions of Americans suffer LCs and RLS every Day. “No matter if you are an athlete or a person who lives a laid-back lifestyle, leg cramps and/or RLS hit almost everyone at some stage in life. Few medical studies address the causes of leg cramps, but when cramping hits-it can be really, really, painful.”

Thomas adds, “I’ve had leg cramps while asleep, and yet, to my complete surprise, my body now seems able, automatically, to do what is necessary to relieve the pain or RLS without fully awakening – resulting in better sleep and less night time discomfort.”

More information on leg cramps online at or by phone at 1-800-243-1928. Results guaranteed!

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