DENVER Colo., Feb. 27, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aspen Art Gallery is happy to announce the creation of a new Emerging Artist Program designed introduce new and talented artists, and give them a chance for national recognition as well as a gallery showcase. As a Diamond Sponsor of the annual Flight to Luxury Hangar Event, presented by Cuvee Escapes, Aspen Art Gallery and its group of represented artists have donated art works to be auctioned at the event, with all proceeds given to Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver.

This year, owner Damian Guillot is rolling out something new – a chance for any artist, from anywhere to have a chance to submit their work to be considered by a panel of judges, and gain a chance to participate in the event as an exhibitor. The selected winners will have a showcase exhibiting with Aspen Art Gallery.

Any artist can submit their works through the Aspen Art Gallery website, or Facebook Fan page. Artist need to submit a high resolution image of the piece to be considered, a description of the work and its details (including size, materials, process, and unique characteristics). A written bio and picture of the artist will also need to be provided. The judging panel, composed of 3 judges, will select the top 100 art pieces to be shown at the Flight to Luxury Annual Hangar Charity Event.

The Artists piece will be donated and featured in the auction as a showcase exhibitor. All proceeds will benefit Boys & Girls Club of Metro Denver. At the event, the art work will be auctioned. Damian Guillot will choose the top three of the applicants and offer a chance to have their very own solo exhibition at Aspen Art Gallery as a showcased artist.

This will be a unique opportunity for artists everywhere to receive national attention, and gain immediate exposure, as well as contribute to a worthwhile cause. In the highly competitive art market, a chance to showcase your artwork in such a recognized public event is rare, and even more coveted, is the chance to become an exhibiting artist in a well-known and highly recognized art gallery, such as Aspen Art Gallery.

“This is a great opportunity to give artists who have been looking for a way to break in the industry, a chance to get the attention to their works that they hope for – and at the same, participate in a great public charity event,” stated Damian Guillot, owner of Aspen Art Gallery, and Diamond Sponsor of the Flight to Luxury Hanger Event. “By giving artists a chance to showcase their work, we can not only discover some amazing new talent, but also help the event, and its work with Boys and Girls Club of Metro Denver.”

Any artist who submits their work, and is accepted into the top 100, does so with the understanding that their work will be showcased as part of the charity auction, and the proceeds will go directly to the charity. The top 100 winners will be notified no later than July 31, 2015, and the Top 3 will be chosen at the event by Damian Guillot, owner of Aspen Art Gallery, and will be announced in both the Flight to Luxury website and communications, as well as on Aspen Art Gallery Site.

Aspen Art Gallery is the inspired creation of Colorado resident and entrepreneur, Damian Guillot. After Hurricane Katrina, Damian moved to Aspen, Colorado, to setup his own gallery specializing in contemporary, modern, and fine art. His passion and savvy for selecting eclectic and beautiful pieces has led to one of the most successful gallery collections in the country, internationally known for its one of a kind offerings.

This success has led to the recent opening of a second Aspen Art Gallery location in the heart of the Cherry Creek shopping district, near downtown Denver. This location now allows Aspen Art Gallery to spread its artistic flair deeper into the local Denver community, and in many cases, provide great exposure and opportunities for Denver’s local artists as well.

The annual Flight to Luxury Hanger Party is held by Cuvee Escapes, and showcases custom-couture private villas by Cuvee, elite jets, exotic cars, and live entertainment. To learn more about the event itself, visit

About Aspen Art Gallery:
Aspen Art Gallery is now located in two locations in Colorado: its original home located at 228 S Mill St, Aspen, CO 81611, and its newer Denver location, located in the heart of Cherry Creek, at 2910 E 3rd Ave, Denver, CO 80206. Both locations offer a variety of fine art, modern art, and contemporary art with artists from around the globe.

To learn more, visit – or contact Operations Manager, Devenie Adams, of Aspen Art Gallery, at 970-544-6655.

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