MONUMENT, Colo., Feb. 10, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — So many books, so little time. More and more people are finding that sifting through thousands of e-reader book titles is proving to be not only time consuming, but less than personally satisfying too. Dr. LeAnna DeAngelo, a psychologist, may have the answer to alleviate these problems through her newly-launched business, Biblio Concierge.

“Many people, especially women, tell me that they keep their sanity by reading books,” DeAngelo says. “So, I started to think about what could be done to help these avid readers custom tailor their reading picks from more than ten thousand titles. A book consultant seemed like the key.”

Biblio Concierge offers a comprehensive set of book consulting services that includes a thorough review of past books readers have enjoyed or found helpful, to current interests and reading habits and memories of childhood reading.

Consultations can be done via e-mail, by phone or in person. They can be a one-time deal, or can include multiple consults over the course of months or years.

“It’s like having your very own personal assistant who can choose books for you and your favorite bibliophile too,” DeAngelo says.

DeAngelo, 51, who specializes in health psychology, read that bibliotherapy is increasingly used by medical professionals in Europe as a holistic, inexpensive treatment to help people with medical or mental health problems.

“I find this idea intriguing, and think the United States relies too much on the expert model and capitalistic notions of health care,” she adds.

About four years ago, DeAngelo read about London’s “The School of Life” which emphasizes reading and other intellectual pursuits to help people gain fulfillment. Since that time, she has worked to develop her reading consultant business.

“I want to help to open new worlds for people and ensure their free time is quality time,” DeAngelo says.

DeAngelo notes that the business concept is in alignment with current business trends: personal services, perhaps slightly more geared toward older people, and addresses the electronic age we live in.

“I love to hold a book in my hand, and do not personally like e-readers, but they are here and I have to accept them. It’s a small way for me to help people navigate their way through information overload,” she says.

When asked what the driving force behind her book reading consultant business is, she says, “If you embrace reading, you will never go to bed alone again, or be lonely. Whether people seek services for business pursuits, bibliotherapy or just recreational reading, this service will help them to lead richer and fuller lives.”

Weekend retreats to the Colorado Mountains that include book discussion groups, visits to nearby independent bookstores and plenty of time for reading and reflection, are also in the works.

About Biblio Concierge:
Biblio Concierge is a business designed to help people find interesting and meaningful reading material custom tailored to their unique needs. Customers can choose standard reading consultations or bibliotherapy services.

For more information, visit: or call: 719-314-6105.

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