HENDERSON, Nev., Sept. 4, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bokashicycle, LLC announced this week the release of a new food waste pulverizing machine that can be used almost anywhere to shred, rip, bruise and pulverize food waste. First, it compacts the food and then it delivers it to a 55-gallon barrel or equivalent container.

Food waste recycling immediately translates into significant savings for businesses such as restaurants, casinos, country clubs, schools, and farmers – just about any business that generates a large amount of food waste and needs to reduce waste disposal expenses.

So, how does it work? The Bokashicycle Food Waste Pulverizer plugs into any 220-volt standard outlet. Its powerful, 3-HP machine has an attached step-platform that makes it easy to send all of the food waste directly into a 55-gallon barrel.

The large hopper has a metering forward and reverse 220-volt motor that moves waste into a thrashing chamber where it is immediately pulverized. The waste then quickly exits the chamber and fills the barrel. Each 55-gallon barrel holds approximately 500 pounds of food waste.

“This food waste pulverizer is designed to make waste disposal easy and cost effective,” Lawrence Green, M.D., Ph.D. and founder of Bokashicycle, says. “It’s also designed with safety in mind.”

The hopper swings down easily, allowing access to the thrashing chamber. If ever needed, the chain walls are easily and inexpensively replaced and there are no moving blades. Safety switches are also activated any time the hopper is moved away from the thrashing chamber so that no accidental start up can occur.

Green also recommends that users add the Bokashicycle culture mix to the compost before it goes into the machine. This way food waste can also be fermented and sent to the farm for soil restoration.

Soil restoration is an added benefit. In fact, one of the more effective ways to minimize crop damage and soil in times of drought is to improve the soil’s organic content. Recycling food waste can do this.

Users will also find the machine easy to maintain. It comes with a powder-coated and galvanized tread/platform access to the hopper. Users simply walk up to the platform and dump waste into the hopper without any blow back.

For additional information please visit: http://www.bokashicycle.com/ or call: 800-714-3120.

Media Contact: Larry Green, of Bokashicycle, LLC, 253-988-4411, lrgreen@bokashicycle.com.

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Bokashicycle, LLC

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