NEW YORK, N.Y., Feb. 9, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — For broken hearts, Valentine’s Day can be a difficult day for many. Enter actress-turned-designer Nicole Brier, who has created a Venus Heart Palm Bracelet to rekindle romance with that special someone. Available from Louise Manna Jewelry, the purpose of this special design is to bring the energy of love back into your life.

“It is the time of the year when red hearts and roses can intensify feelings of loneliness. How do we resolve the sorrows and pain of broken hearts?” asks Brier.

“The heart is a traditional symbol of Valentine’s Day,” says Nicole. “I designed the Venus Heart Palm Bracelet with the intent of bringing unconditional love back into one’s self. The palm of your hand is a point for healing and having this beautiful and simple silk threaded red heart charm cradled in your hand will bring self-strength. This is the first step in healing a broken heart and rekindling that fractured love relationship.”

Brier is a Brooklyn-based actress and ex-Ford model who has worked with such directors as Sidney Lumet, John Dahl, Gregory Hoblit; playing the eye-catching blonde in the films “Gloria,” “Rounder’s” and “Frequency.”

In 2005, while still auditioning for film and TV roles, Nicole created the company Louise Manna Jewelry. And just in time for Valentine’s Day, Nicole has released a new group of designs called the Love Collection.

Venus Heart Palm Bracelet

Her featured piece, the Venus Heart Palm Bracelet, which is priced at $88, is built to be worn with the heart centerpiece on the palm of your hand. You can view the Louise Manna Love Collection at

About Louise Manna Jewelry:
Louise Manna Inc. is a New York-based company with an online shop and has been engaged in the business of retailing and wholesaling unique jewelry designs, all of which are handcrafted personally by Nicole Brier.

The vision of Louise Manna is for women to empower themselves to be creative and free of inhibition. Its motto is “Think outside the box.” The jewelry creations are the result of Nicole’s exploration into fusing conceptual ideas with traditional jewelry design.

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