LOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 26, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Renowned photographer Wayne Schoenfeld returns to the big top in “Circus of the Heart,” the completion of his celebrated “Icons/Iconoclasts” circus trilogy, the largest contemporary photographic series of the 1930’s North American circus, February 26, at LA Circus, 6319 Eucalyptus Ave., Jarupa Valley, CA 92509.

At the LA Circus “back lot,” where the TV series “Carnivale” and the film “Water for Elephants” were shot, Schoenfeld brings 150 actors, extras and professional circus performers together, including Tai the smartest Elephant in the world and World Figure Skating Champion and Olympian, Tai Babilonia.

Shot in Schoenfeld’s “Tableaux Vivant” style, “Circus of the Heart” represents the third in his Icons/Iconoclasts series of circus photographic exhibits. Since 2007 the series has exhibited in U.S. and European museums and Festivals. Parts of the series are also included in “Cirque du Soleil’s” private collection and have been seen audiences worldwide.

“Circus of the Heart” will include a 3D film crew who will be capturing Stereoscopic footage for a future project Schoenfeld is producing, a 3D television pilot called “Sawdust.”

About Wayne Schoenfeld:
Wayne Schoenfeld was awarded several times and his art includes photography, humanitarian photo reports, 3D series and documentaries. His work is part of many collections presented across the world, namely in Los Angeles, New York, Barcelona, Rome, Seoul, Washington, Mexico, Salzburg, Ottawa and Paris.

Would you be the one who will get the chance to be on this major production?

“Wayne Schoenfeld takes pictures rather than photographs. His carefully orchestrated images are like classic paintings…,” said International Herald Tribune, The New York Times.

“He creates worlds inspired by fairgrounds and gypsy fairs … you’d think his pictures are 100 years old,” said Stephane Lavoie, TOHU’s INTERNATIONAL CITY OF CIRCUS ART Director.

More information: http://wayneschoenfeld.com/ and http://newdemocracyproductions.com/ .

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Wayne Schoenfeld

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