WASHINGTON, D.C., Jan. 22, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Donation Pages, Inc. (DPI) today announced the launch of its recently enhanced political fundraising website, www.donationpages.com. The new platform incorporates unique technology to provide a web-based automated crowd fundraising capability with cloud storage specifically designed for the complexities of political and nonprofit fundraising and micro-targeting advocacy.

One of the newly installed DPI services is an advertising fundraising system that generates ongoing solicitations of contributors and enhances the profile of the contributor with each new transaction.

Paul E. Sullivan, a prominent campaign finance attorney, who serves as president and board member of DPI stated, “The arena of political fundraising has become very sophisticated during the past several election cycles and we believe the customized software of the new DPI provides the broadest scope and highest quality of services of any system on the market. One of those services is the advertising network platform which provides our clients with an exciting fundraising opportunity.”

Sullivan added that, “The DPI system provides clients with an unlimited number of customized contribution pages, with simultaneous operations, that can create a separate page for each fundraising event or project. This enables a detailed real time tracking capability for each event. In addition, the pages are linked directly to the client’s website to ensure the integrity of the contribution and are accessible through mobile social networking devices.”

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Despite the sophistication of the services available, DPI systems are engineered to provide services for campaigns ranging from the presidential level to a local city council election.

Anton Reel, III, former legal counsel to several FEC Chairmen and Commissioners, and who now serves as a director and officer of the new company noted, “I am impressed with the technology that enables legal compliance under each unique jurisdiction, whether federal, state or local. The system also captures all of the required contributor information and seamlessly transmits the information to the client’s compliance system. This ensures a thorough and secured compliance system which eliminates routine compliance issues regularly encountered by campaigns.”

About Donation Pages, Inc.:
Donation Pages, Inc. is a cutting-edge online fundraising software that enables campaigns of all sizes to collect and track political donations, as well as helps campaigns maximize contributions. Follow Donation Pages at https://www.facebook.com/DonationPages and https://www.twitter.com/DonationPages.

For more info visit http://www.donationpages.com/ for a free account.

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