RICHMOND, Va., May 13, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EbitCreative, a new start-up wearable technology company, announced the launch of its first product – the Lollipop PC – a mobile application designed to help busy women get through the day. The Lollipop PC™ is a tracking device that connects with smartphones to create a preset safety perimeter that protects kids, pets, phone, keys, purse, bike or any other precious cargo.

Consider this: You are in Disney World with three kids. One of them ducks behind a water fountain and there’s a moment of panic. The Lollipop PC quickly restores peace of mind by locating the child in an instant. Or, you’re late for a meeting and can’t find your car keys. Lollipop PC comes to the rescue.

So, how does it work? A small disc acts as the tracking device. For example, you can place it in a wallet compartment, on your key chain, in your child’s pocket or on your pet’s collar. Next, let’s say you walk away from your car for a moment to take a call while your child is in the back seat. Your smartphone will alert you that you have gone too far and serves as a reminder that you need to quickly return to your car. There is also a “find” button that allows you to quickly locate misplaced items and you can connect multiple devices and name them all.

“The Lollipop PC is affordable and smart,” Tony Vadella, co-founder EbitCreative says. “Just download the app, sync your Lollipop and attach it to your cargo. It’s just that simple.”

Currently, the Lollipop PC app is available for the Apple iPhone; but designs are in the works for Android phones, GPS devices and even accessories.

For more information and to watch an easy-to-understand video about how Lollipop PC works, visit:

About EbitCreative:
In December 2014, EbitCreative was founded by Tommy Lesperance, Tony Vadella, and Rick Hammond. Plans are underway for additional wearable technology products for women in the near future.

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