COOPER CITY, Fla., May 19, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Forever Young MedSpa announces that it was recently granted a registered trademark for PRP Gold®, its exclusive platelet rich plasma (PRP) for treating skin conditions. “PRP treatments have become very popular over the past few years,” Brian Sidella, president and founder Forever Young MedSpa, says.

Sidella adds, “Hardly a week goes by without some type of press on the benefits of PRP in treating skin conditions, facial rejuvenation, baldness and joint healing in celebrities and athletes alike.”

So, why the interest? PRP provides a high concentration of growth factors that assist the body in healing numerous conditions naturally. However, until now, there has been a downside.

Sidella reports that when PRP is topically applied, because the PRP still contains red blood cells it looks like blood and many patients are turned off by the sight of it.

“Reactions typically range from the mild, ‘oh gross’ comment to the more severe reaction where patients have actually fainted,” he says.

Sidella knew something needed to be done. To address this concern, he researched potential solutions to the problem and found a biomedical company that offered a unique process. It removed all of the red blood cells (which offer no benefit) in PRP. What’s left behind is the purest form of PRP available and it’s now a golden hue.

It’s this pure form and rich new color that prompted Forever Young MedSpa to name the product “PRP Gold®.”

“We’ve taken the ‘gross’ factor out of delivering PRP to our patients. Now, whether PRP Gold is applied topically with our Dermapen 3, or injected into deeper lines and wrinkles, patients no longer have any reservations about receiving the service,” Sidella says.

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