COOPER CITY, Fla., Jan. 19, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Forever Young MedSpa, South Florida’s go-to establishment for medical aesthetics and plastic surgery, is one of only a very few centers in the entire United States to offer the brand-new Flex applicator for BTL’s Vanquish “fat busting” system.

Vanquish uses radio frequency energy to target and destroy fat cells, bringing about a reduction in waist circumference and now that same technology works for the legs.

The new Flex applicator allows for this proven technology to target the thighs, reducing saddlebags and slimming the entire circumference of the thigh in a painless and comfortable procedure.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to offer this innovative new technology at our practice,” said Brian Sidella, President & Founder of Forever Young MedSpa. “The legs and saddle bags are areas that many people wish to slim down, but there are few options to do so non-invasively. The Flex applicator for the Vanquish is a great solution for women with saddlebags or thighs that rub together.”

While it won’t provide the same results as VASER LipoSculpting (a surgical procedure), it’s a great zero-downtime procedure with an average reduction of one inch reported in the clinical trials (citation/statistics available on request).

“The Flex applicator is the latest in noninvasive thigh slimming technology, and we are looking forward to being able to share this revolutionary device with our patients,” says Sidella.

The Flex applicator has been a great success in Europe, and January of 2015 marks the first time it will be available for consumer use in America. It can be used on both the outer and inner thighs, providing full circumferential fat reduction and smoothing. Stubborn deposits of fat on the outer thighs – often called saddlebags – can be reduced, and the entire thigh can be smoothed and tightened, resulting in a younger, thinner thigh.

With the Flex applicator, there’s no need to undergo the discomfort and recovery time associated with surgery or liposuction nor is there a requirement to wear post procedure undergarments. The procedure is painless and patients can relax with the comfortable applicator positioned around the thigh. Vanquish treatments are 30 minutes in duration, and for full results, only four to six sessions over four weeks are required.

Forever Young MedSpa now has 16 different laser or energy devices (most centers only have a very few) for non-surgical body shaping, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, skin rejuvenation, acne scars, facial, body or surgical scars, sun damage and more.

Sidella added that “Often combining different lasers together allows for the best possible results for our patients; and through our board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffery LaGrasso, many surgical options are available as well.

“While non-surgical options can offer very impressive results, the gold standard is still going to be a surgical procedure. We offer it all so it’s the patients who choose what’s best for them, their lifestyle, their expectation of results and their budget.”

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