LOS ANGELES, Calif., Dec. 13, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dan Galorath, CEO of Galorath, Inc., and Lee Fischman, Senior Director of Development of Galorath, Inc. and Lev Lehsokin, EVP of Strategy and Market Development at CAST Software, will provide an expert examination of Healthcare.gov and the challenges associated with such a project. The companies will host a webinar on Tuesday, December 17, at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time where they will give an overview of the lessons learned and detail how organizations can avoid making similar mistakes.

Galorath, Inc. uses analysis and simulation to help organizations to achieve more success in software and IT systems. Galorath’s SEER Software is the leading solution for project estimating, planning, and tracking for software and IT projects.

CAST is the leader in Software Analysis and Measurement, providing visibility into root causes of cost and risk in enterprise software systems.

“We watched the Healthcare.gov rollout difficulties and we decided to take a more analytical look at what transpired,” said Dan Galorath. “This was a huge IT project and there were bound to be challenges. The real opportunity here is to look at what can be learned from a project like this and how to deliver early warnings so corrective actions can be determined for future projects.”

The webinar will detail the findings of an infographic and article, “Understanding Healthcare.gov’s Rocky Rollout,” found here: http://www.galorath.com/wp/understanding-healthcare-govs-rocky-rollout-infographic.php.

Panelists will discuss what went wrong, when, and how it happened as well as best practices for planning, controlling, and managing projects for success.

“The conditions that led to the Healthcare.gov situation are being repeated this very moment, just as they have been since the dawn of software,” said Pete Pizzutillo, Director of Product Marketing at CAST. “Rather than piling on the criticism, we should use this event as a backdrop to remember that the fast pace of business combined with enormous size and complexity of today’s systems are too much for traditional IT skills and processes. The aim of this discussion is to surface ways we can evolve to meet these growing challenges.”

The webinar will last one hour and requires registration. Learning from the mistakes made in the healthcare.gov project will be invaluable for businesses whose software and IT projects could face similar challenges. You can register for the webinar here: http://goo.gl/M89b1w (redirects to WebEx).

About Galorath Incorporated:
Galorath Incorporated has invested more than two decades developing solutions to help government and commercial organizations plan and manage complex software, hardware, electronics, manufacturing and IT projects. Its suite of SEER productivity development applications is the most comprehensive estimation and management solution in the industry. Information: http://www.galorath.com/.

About CAST:
CAST is a pioneer and world leader in Software Analysis and Measurement, with unique technology resulting from more than $100 million in R&D investment. CAST introduces fact-based transparency into application development and sourcing to transform it into a management discipline. More than 250 companies across all industry sectors and geographies rely on CAST to prevent business disruption while reducing hard IT costs. CAST is an integral part of software delivery and maintenance at the world’s leading IT service providers.

Founded in 1990, CAST is listed on NYSE-Euronext (Euronext: CAS) and serves IT intensive enterprises worldwide with a network of offices in North America, Europe and India. Information: http://www.castsoftware.com/.

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