TIPP CITY, Ohio, Sept. 25, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — When Dr. Darshan Vyas and his staff at Hearing Professionals in Sidney, Ohio were looking for better ways to reach those suffering from minor to severe hearing loss in the upper Miami Valley, they called Mike McDermott and the digital marketing team at Bash Foo of Tipp City, Ohio.

Vyas, an experienced ear, nose, and throat (ENT) surgeon, started Hearing Professionals in 2004 to help people with all types of auditory problems achieve optimal hearing. While his background as an ENT doctor has given him the extensive knowledge to work with patients with diverse hearing needs, Vyas still wanted to find more opportunities to serve the community by letting them know about Hearing Professionals’ life changing solutions.

“We are dedicated to helping our patient’s not only hear better,” says Vyas, “but we also want them to be better informed about hearing loss, hearing diagnoses and treatment, and how improved hearing will affect their entire well-being. Bash Foo has helped us find ways to communicate those things much more effectively to our patients — and potential patients — than we ever could have alone.”

Bash Foo will be helping Hearing Professionals implement social media, digital marketing, and online advertising to make visitors more aware of the wide variety of services the Shelby and Miami County based company offers to those suffering from hearing ailments.

The new Hearing Professionals website designed by Bash Foo informs visitors about health related complications that are medically tied to hearing loss, as well as highlights Hearing Professionals’ services, such as free hearing evaluations, hearing aid services and repairs, ear wax removal, and more. Educational articles are also available on the website, including information about connections between hearing loss and Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and depression.

Apart from Vyas, Hearing Professionals is staffed by a highly dedicated and knowledgeable group of people, including Stacy Wintrow, Doctor of Audiology, Jolene Fogt, a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, Hearing Aid Specialist Mindy Lowe, and Audio Technicians Greg Dickman and Matt Gibson.

“I’m so pleased that Dr. Vyas and the wonderful team at Hearing Professionals reached out to us,” says McDermott. “Their careful and caring work improves the quality of life every day for hundreds of people in southwestern Ohio, and that mission is something I am always happy to get behind and support.”

About Hearing Professionals:

Hearing Professionals has provided services to the residents of the Upper Miami Valley and surrounding areas since 2004. Their trained and licensed hearing instrument specialists work with you to design the best possible solution for your individual hearing loss. For more information, visit their website at http://www.hearingprosonline.com/.

About Bash Foo:

Bash Foo is a digital marketing agency that seeks to build the online reputations of small business in affordable and inspiring ways. They have transformed creative web design, search engine optimization, and online marketing from a business into an art form. Located in the heart of historic downtown Tipp City, Ohio, Bash Foo is home to some of the Miami Valley’s sharpest marketing and media minds. A hub for both digital and traditional media, the Bash Foo office plays host to Potemkin Media Omnibus, Foxhead Books, Pie and Coffee Productions, Kodig Media, Twelve3South Studios and other independent media businesses. Visit them at http://www.bashfoo.com/.

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Hearing Professionals

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