LAKEWOOD, Colo., Aug. 23, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Inspri, LLC, developer of seating systems and cushions for sciatic, low back and coccyx pain sufferers, has unveiled a new type of foam with the release of its second generation Sciata® Seating System. Generation II combines Inspri’s proprietary memory-style Sciata® Foam with an enhanced version of Inspri’s patented and proven Troff™ design in order to provide “suffering sitters” with an option for relief beyond the traditional coccyx cushion.

Inspri’s inspiration for advancement seen in Generation II comes from conversations with customers and Inspri’s continual quest to better help customers relax and realize relief.

Mark Ridder, managing member and CEO of Inspri, said he believes customer input is essential to making informed product design decisions. Mark’s own experience with pain has proven helpful with regard to product design and customer relations, having endured pains similar to those of several customers – the result of an automobile accident.

“The Generation I Sciata® Seating System was born out of my own needs, and Generation II improves upon that design by incorporating feedback we’ve received from customers,” said Ridder. “We’re committed to helping people manage their low back and sciatic pain, which is why we’ve not raised our prices in the history of the company, much less for the Generation II product.”

Generation II seats come in three distinct models, each designed to provide comfort for a specific type of ailment or injury.
* The CX Model is designed for users with coccyx, low back, prostate or gynecological issues;
* The SL Model for is for users with sciatic pain in one leg; and
* The DL Model for sciatic pain in both legs.

All models are available for purchase through

About Inspri, LLC:
Inspri, LLC is the Denver-based developer of seating systems and cushions for sciatic, low back, and coccyx pain sufferers, including the Sciata® Seating System featuring Inspri’s proprietary memory-style Sciata® Foam. Co-founder Mark Ridder developed the Sciata® Seating System in an effort to alleviate pain resulting from an injury he sustained in an automobile accident. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @sciaticasucks.

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