MONTCLAIR, N.J., Jan. 13, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — LENSCRATCH, the prestigious online journal / magazine that explores contemporary photography, is now exhibiting the new and unique international collaboration work of Francisco Diaz, Deb Young and Agnes Courrault.

This innovative and impressive endeavor is a collaborative effort between artist / photographers from different corners of the globe – essentially total strangers – who have never met in person. Yet they’ve come together creatively using Facebook as a portal, thanks to the inspiration of American artist / photographer Francisco Diaz. His remarkable idea took off after he approached New Zealand artist / photographer Deb Young, whose work he admired.

“There is no other era in which this could have taken place,” notes Diaz. “Could disparate individuals from countries halfway around the world work together in real time as a positive model for creation rather than destruction? That’s what I set out to discover.”

Recognizing the exceptional nature of their vision and how it is transforming Facebook from a one-dimensional networking / support portal into one where innovation from across the globe can thrive, Lenscratch is featuring the compelling cinematic narrative photomontages created by Diaz and Young along with their third collaborator, French artist / photographer Agnes Courrault. Lenscratch has long been considered one of the 10 must-read photography-related e-zines.

The Great Race - detail

Adds Diaz, “Working with artist/photographers from independent cultures whom I’ve never met, where our energies are focused on the creation of powerful new photographic artwork instead of international conflict, is one small step toward bringing this troubled planet together.”

“It’s a time of seeing old things in new ways,” agrees Young, “which makes this a thrilling time for people in all corners of the world to communicate through visual language.”

For more on the international collaboration – and to better appreciate the thinking behind their work – check out the feature on exciting artist / photographers Francisco Diaz (United States), Deb Young (New Zealand) and Agnes Courrault (France) here:

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* IMAGE Caption: “The Great Race,” cinematic narrative photo-montage, 36-inches x 12-inches, Copr. (c) 2013 Francisco Diaz, Deb Young, and Agnes Courrault – all rights reserved.

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