SANTA ROSA, Calif., Jan. 15, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Jaya Savannah, renowned strategy coach for holistic businesses, announced her 2015 Top Holistic & Beauty Business Trends. In this annual set of predictions, Savannah expects to see business growth in holistic services related to Sensory Integration, Nutrition and Skincare, Farm-to-Face, Weddings, Body Weight Training, Adrenal Fatigue, and Boho Style. Savannah shares her consumer trend insights as part of her Inspirational Business® consulting, coaching, and training services.

“I help holistic practitioners thrive in business,” said Savannah. “By highlighting consumer trends that can drive business growth, I show practitioners where they can take advantage of new market opportunities.” Savannah has a good track record of predicting trends. In her 2014 Trends, she accurately forecast that natural antidepressants and the men’s grooming product market would be hot.

Savannah’s 2015 trends focus on 7 subjects:

* Adrenal Fatigue – The condition is now becoming mainstream. Even Medical doctors, who have typically shunned it because it is not an official diagnosis, are starting to talk quietly about adrenal fatigue. “After 7 years of recession, everybody’s adrenals are cooked,” noted Savannah.

* Sensory Integration – This is an opportunity for health care professionals. Sensory Sensitivity is sometimes referred to as “Sensory Integration Disorder” but for the majority of people, it just means that a person has a finely-tuned nervous system. While treatments for children are common, there is a wide open market for treating adult patients. It affects 15-20 percent of the population.

* Body Weight Training – this will be the top fitness trend for 2015. The American College of Sports Medicine’s survey of fitness professionals ranked that as #1 this year, partly because body weight exercises are extremely affordable. “Anyone can do it with no equipment needed,” said Savannah. “It’s perfect for this economy.”

* Weddings – Savannah envisions an uptick in weddings in 2015 due to an increase in marriage equality laws. This trend augurs growth for beauty services and ancillary services for bridal parties, bachelor parties, and activities related to weddings.

* Farm to Face – The “farm to table” concept has been appropriated to beauty, where it’s called “Farm to face.” The idea of eating local food is starting to carry over into skincare products. Consumers want skincare ingredients that are healthy and wholesome.

* Nutrition and Skincare – The aesthetics and nutrition disciplines are starting to blur as consumers grow more aware of the connection between skin and diet. Savannah predicts that this trend is will keep growing.

* Boho Style – Boho or “Bohemiam” style is coming back. “This is basically the cool ’70s hippie chick, hippie chic,” said Savannah. “That look is back. Everybody’s predicting a lot of denim.”

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