HONG KONG and NEW YORK, N.Y., Jan. 22, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — KiwiGeeker, a software developer and solution provider specializing in data management and data recovery solutions, today announced the launch of their first freeware, KiwiG PhonTunes, to break music transfer barriers for music lovers everywhere. KiwiG PhonTunes allows users to freely and flexibly transfer music (with ratings and other relevant data included) between any iOS and Android device and any PC’s iTunes library, anytime, while simultaneously offering multiple library management functions to save users disk space, time, and energy.

“We’re happy to introduce KiwiG PhonTunes, our free music transfer and management tool, as our first freeware offering. KiwiGeeker’s mission is to make any user, upon first use of our software, feel like a data professional-in control, informed, and ready for anything. With KiwiG PhonTunes, sharing and managing music has never been easier,” says Beank Tong, the managing director of KiwiGeeker. “KiwiG PhonTunes makes our users the maestro of their own digital music environment in no time, with no hassle.”

Downloadable for Windows OS today, KiwiG PhonTunes resolves common music transfer issues, like iTunes library and playlist sync overwriting, and multiple device transfer limitations. Upon opening, KiwiG PhonTunes displays all available libraries on connected devices, iTunes, and on the PC’s hard disk in an organized library window. Transferring tracks or playlists along any of the available paths are as easy as a click of a button. In addition, users can create, manage, and migrate their own playlists between libraries and devices in seconds.

KiwiGeeker’s 10 years of individual R&D experience and expertise in PC data security laid the foundation for the robust data management experience of this freeware. With a mission to enable every user to freely handle complicated data cases and seize a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of data management (including security, data loss and prevention), KiwiGeeker hopes ultimately make the complex simple and the fussy easy anytime, anywhere.

For more information about KiwiG PhonTunes visit: http://www.kiwigeeker.com/freeware/phontunes.html.

About KiwiGeeker:
Intelligent, clean, and fresh software solutions for music transfer and data recovery.

KiwiGeeker brings you fresh data solutions driven by the true geek spirit-with creativity and curiosity at the heart, upholding the values of innovation and independence each and every day. Backed by 10 years of research and development in PC data security with a focus on data recovery, KiwiGeeker’s solutions meet the needs of each user for any platform-Windows or Mac, PC or iOS. With this in mind, we assist users to independently accomplish challenging data management processes, including data recovery, music transfer and more.

To learn more or experience KiwiGeeker software and solutions, visit our website at http://www.kiwigeeker.com/.

For media queries or questions about the product, please email to marketing@kiwigeeker.com.

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