COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 3, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Ohio Laser now offers laser cutting copper sheet and laser cutting brass sheet between .032 inches and .125 inches thick using newly acquired fiber laser cutting technology. Customers and OEMs can now cut nonferrous metals such as copper sheet and brass sheet at Ohio Laser. ISO 9001:2008 certified Ohio Laser can also fiber laser cut steel sheet metal to .5 inches, cut stainless steel sheet to .25 inches, and cut aluminum sheet to .1875 inches.

Gregg Simpson, President of Ohio Laser said, “The addition of fiber laser cutting will allow us to cut copper, cut brass and cut other nonferrous sheet and thinner materials very efficiently. Fiber laser cutting will greatly complement our current 3Kw, 4Kw, 5Kw and 6Kw laser cutting sheet metal and laser tube cutting services.”

Compared to traditional copper cutting and brass cutting methods, laser cutting nonferrous metals is faster and more precise. Particularly, copper fabricators and brass fabricators can improve manufacturing efficiencies using laser cut copper sheet and laser cut brass sheet from Ohio Laser. Faster set up times, product development, flexible prototyping, and Just-In-Time cutting of copper 110 alloys and others like copper 102, C194, and 17510 (RWMA CLASS lll) is possible now.

Various industries that benefit from laser cut copper and laser cut brass are manufacturers of products made from Environmental Protection Agency registered Antimicrobial Copper alloys. Cutting Antimicrobial Copper alloyed products could include copper floor tiles, copper wall tiles, copper work stations, automatic copper door push plates, copper door brake plates, copper sheeting in elevators, copper carts, exercise and rehabilitation equipment with copper and brass parts, copper chart holders, copper clipboards, filing systems made of copper for medical records, copper mop plates, copper sinks, copper countertops and copper tabletops.

Other companies that use cut copper sheet metal are manufacturers and fabricators of copper roofing tiles and copper ceiling tiles, copper induction motors (for electric cars), and architectural firms who design “green buildings” using copper cladding, copper sun shades and copper eaves to comply with LEED™ certification.

Ohio Laser offers free information and videos featuring copper cutting, brass cutting and fiber laser cutting at: . For questions or for a quote, please visit Ohio Laser at .

– Photo Caption: Antimicrobial copper cutting services; Image by Patrick Callahan.

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